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Why when aircrew pump water is started, reversible type harbour can want to use
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Pump water harbour can the electric generator that the power station uses is the synchronous electric machinery with a very large size. Enough impedance is done not have in loop is like when electromotor is started, will produce the very big electricity that start and had formed to electrified wire netting disturb greatly, because this must use the special electric device that start and operation method. The commonly used electric method that start has 5 kinds roughly: Namely coaxial electromotor is started; Asynchronous is started; Synchronism is started (back back starts) ; Half synchronism is started; Frequency conversion is started etc. Outside starting a method except coaxial electromotor, the other method that start all needs to fill baric water to the runner envelope of water pump hydraulic turbine at the same time, start moment of force in order to decrease.

The principle that chooses the way that start is the specific requirement according to system and power station, use the simple and reliable means that start. Medium, small-sized aircrew should first consideration uses full voltage asynchronous or step-down asynchronous is started; Big, medium capacity aircrew should first consideration uses adjacent and groovy aircrew to undertake synchronism is started; The harbour of high capacity can the starting way that aircrew majority picks device of frequency conversion of in order to to give priority to, have the function that synchronism starts possibly also at the same time.

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