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Pump water harbour can of the test run of aircrew and aircrew of groovy water an
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Pump water harbour can aircrew ends in installation hind, need has the test run of two kinds of operating mode. Basically depend on on the store water circumstance of reservoir, the likelihood experiments first pump water operating mode, experiment possibly also first send electric operating mode. Some harbour can the reservoir on the power station has certain source of water, answer as early as possible store water, send electrician condition test run with after profit unit installation ends, be being pressed first. If go up when test run,water does not have enough store water in the library, can use auxiliary water pump to be full of pressure conduit in advance, press test run of pump water operating mode. No matter use which kind of means, the test run program of advanced travel inevitable workload is the biggest, because of major electric protection equipment wants first this or experiment at the same time. After the test run of this one operating mode is finished, the test run of another operating mode can go to the lavatory more.

The difficult point that sends test run of electric operating mode may be hydraulic turbine operating mode be in carry for nothing or the stability when low peak carries on his shoulder or back, this also has very big concern with the adjustment of electric control equipment. The difficulty of test run of pump water operating mode may be water pump operating mode aerates of catchment go to control a process, and after water pump operating mode achieves certain pump water to measure, move to be able to become very stable commonly.

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