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The performance that measures water pump hydraulic turbine is main index
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The function index that measures water pump hydraulic turbine and those who measure groovy hydraulic turbine is basic and same, it is function of power, efficiency, cavitation and the main parameter such as moving stability. Because water pump hydraulic turbine has two kinds of operating mode, these parameter should have friend each value of two a cycle of songs in a traditional opera. To water pump operating mode (pump water operating mode) , power is unit time immanent the energy that the water that gives lift condition to leave an a certain number of bulk takes reservoir to need. Most high-power value happens in harbour commonly can lowest of power station lift namely when water pump flow is the largest. Aircrew answer in the average efficiency inside whole job limits not under the regulation or the assurance of the requirement is worth, happen in the highest efficiency when some discharge to answer not under assure a value. When water pump operating mode the most incidental cavitation, harbour can the lowest that the power station should satisfy aircrew place to ask installs tall Cheng (the biggest flood deepness) . The moving stability of water pump hydraulic turbine works in its is fluctuant inside limits, the vibration that the manufactory should assure to leave unit in worst operating conditions, pressure is pulsatile wait not to give numerical value more than.

To hydraulic turbine operating mode (send electric operating mode) , the output power of aircrew (exert oneself) should satisfy in a certain number of demands that give a point, with groovy hydraulic turbine, water pump hydraulic turbine also asks to issue certain power below rated head. What hydraulic turbine efficiency should not assure under requirement manufactory likewise is numeric. Compare with photograph of water pump operating mode, the cavitation trend of hydraulic turbine operating mode wants a little bit small. Be in usually, harbour can after the installs tall Cheng to press water pump operating mode demand of aircrew is firm, be requirement of operating mode of can contented hydraulic turbine. The hydraulic vibration of hydraulic turbine operating mode basically is the generation that brings as a result of the eddy inside end conduit, manufactory also answer guarantee against exceeds a the biggest limit.

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