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Pump water harbour can of the electric generator that the power station uses and
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In pump water harbour can apply in the power station most is hydraulic turbine of reversible type water pump, to it of form a complete set is reversible type electric machinery. This kind of electric machinery rotates to a direction for electromotor, rotate to another direction for the dynamo, reason calls reversible type electric generator. Look from electric principle, synchronous dynamo itself is rotating instead. But compare with photograph of groovy water turbogenerator, there still is the characteristic that differs below on the structure:

(1) two-way rotate. Because hydraulic turbine of reversible type water pump makes the direction of rotation when hydraulic turbine and water pump move,be contrary, because this is dynamoelectric,the dynamo also needs to be designed by two-way movement. Be in electric go up sequence of appearance of demand power supply is followed generate electricity to operating mode moves operating mode with drive and be changed; At the same time the ventilated, cooling system of electric machinery itself and bearing structure should suit two-way rotate the job.

(2) is opened often stop. Pump water harbour can the power station holds the position of the action that fills Gu Diaofeng, frequency modulation in power system, should open everyday commonly stop several times, like England Dinuoweike pump water harbour can the power station is the labor that builds in recent years can open in the power station stop an example with very high demand of frequent, operation, the design is opened everyday stop 40 times. Electric generator power adjusts range the demand is very big, adjust very frequent also, group of large scale computer asks to have the capacity of bear of 10MW of per sec. increase and decrease.

(3) needs to have start establishment technically. Electric generator makes reversible type when electromotor moves, cannot use hydraulic turbine to start in that way like combined-type aircrew, and must use the special device that start, start from electrified wire netting, or use " back to carry " means on the back every the synchronism between aircrew is started. Need to be set in rotor jacket when using asynchronous to start a method start use damp winding or use sincere magnetic pole, all need to increase special electric device and corresponding power station wiring when using the other method that start. These measure raise facility cost, make an operation complex.

(4) transfers the process is complex. Pump water harbour can aircrew should experience all sorts of sophisticated hydraulic, machine and process of electric transient state in operating mode transition. Can happen to be gotten greatly than group of groovy water turbogenerator in these transient state processes suffer force and vibration more, because this raised stricter requirement to whole set and aqueduct design.

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