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Pump water harbour can the composition of construction of system is defeated by
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Pump water harbour can the body that the power station loses water system tube-shaped part and groovy hydroelectric station are basic and identical: Look from the flow direction of hydraulic turbine operating mode, have hole of Sui of water inlet, pressure, fork hole of Sui of conduit of steel tube of canal, pressure, aircrew, end, tail water and mouth giving water. When water pump is flowed to criterion as it happens is contrary. Because of harbour can the current in the power station is two-way, on of reservoir generate electricity the mouth giving water that water inlet also is pump water, so appellative go up mouth of water of library pass in and out; Same, the opening of water of pass in and out leaving a library that leaves reservoir to also have a two-way job. The hole of Sui of pilot a ship into a harbour of side of unit advanced position is a level commonly or contain inclined paragraph (inclined well) , should divide commonly before approaching a power station be two or 3 root or more pressure steel tube, tell each unit. In the downstream side of aircrew, every aircrew has some power stations alone end conduit, lead to downstream reservoir directly; Also some power stations synthesize two end conduit hole of Sui of a tail water. If the length of hole of tail water Sui is bigger, answer in the place that approachs unit furnish tail water moves kill the well.

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