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Pump water harbour can characteristic of power station project
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Compare with groovy hydroelectric station, pump water harbour can power station project has a few more the following characteristic:

(Harbour of 1) most pump water can the power station undertakes day adjustment or week adjust only move, reason does not need very the reservoir of high capacity, the limitation that should compare groovy power station on station site selection is little, the finds head easily to compare the tall, condition that become a library to had been compared station site in survey.

(Harbour of 2) pump water can aircrew can use quite tall head range, so the cost that Electromechanical equipment and power station are defeated by aqueduct and workshop can be reduced effectively, pump water harbour can the applied peak of flow of the power station is higher, criterion the investment of unit kilowatt is smaller, reason harbour can the tendency that the power station develops to high peak of flow is apparent.

(3) is in of high peak of flow, big diameter in be defeated by aqueduct use extensively not concrete of build by laying bricks or stones of line build by laying bricks or stones, common ferroconcrete line, prestressing force the method of line build by laying bricks or stones such as line build by laying bricks or stones,

(Harbour of 4) pump water can the subterranean project of the power station is opposite more, reason appropriate is built in the earthquake to stabilize a region. Should keep away from above all the area with seismic exorbitant intensity, also should keep away from mobile sex fault. Power station position more appropriate choosing is inside the hard rock system with whole structure, lest subterranean hole room reachs the safety of Sui hole, conduit,be affected.

(5) because the requirement when pump water of water pump hydraulic turbine, harbour can aircrew demand is very big flood deepness (namely center of water pump hydraulic turbine is in the deepness) under end water level. The high head unit that our country uses already used 70m to flood deepness. So big flood deepness to bring very great difficulty to ground workshop construction, issue engineering design and construction technology everywhere so rise, harbour of latter-day pump water can incline to of ground of power station more at using subterranean factory building.

(Harbour of 6) pump water can the adjustment of the power station is periodic short, follow a power station run the changeover with operating mode, on, the water level of next reservoir has substantially rise quickly fall, the to dam body and library slope stability when the design needs special attention.

(Harbour of 7) pump water can the change of reservoir water level of the power station is frequent, go up (water) the library comes out in summit excavate very much more, the sex preventing ooze of original rock earth is bad, trend of the leakage after store water is bigger, and sail upstream the water of library inventory is to use up electric energy to smoke go up, reason must have the reliable measure that prevent ooze on the project.
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