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Combined-type (3 engine style) harbour can aircrew actor defect
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Hydraulic turbine of combined-type water pump, saying series connection fastens water pump hydraulic turbine again is the harbour that will independent water pump and hydraulic turbine connection are together can aircrew, along with can hold the electric machinery of dynamo and electromotor concurrently, share 3 lead plane, friend calls 3 engine style harbour again can aircrew. Because the water pump of this kind of aircrew and hydraulic turbine are the specific requirement that presses a power station respectively,undertake be designinged technically, reason can assure efficient below respective condition move. The direction of rotation as a result of this kind of aircrew is changeless at the same time, can be started when pump water with hydraulic turbine, the reason means that start is more reversible type set is simple; But its defect is equipment giant, cost is higher.

Inchoate combined-type aircrew is horizontal more, hydraulic turbine and water pump are installed respectively generating electricity the two end of electromotor. Developed vertical to combine unit later, planar dimension can be saved inside the power station, generate electricity right now electromotor is uniform put uppermost face, hydraulic turbine falls in its, it is shaft coupling next, most below it is water pump. Ask to flooding deepness because of water pump operating mode big, such decorating can the requirement that best satisfies water pump.

Those who follow power station condition is different, combined-type aircrew can match two class or multistage centrifugal pump with hydraulic turbine of mixed flow type, perhaps match multistage pump with concussion type hydraulic turbine. Harbour of our country Yang Zhuoyong lake can the combined-type aircrew of power station furnish pounds type hydraulic turbine with respect to what include a 3 spray head (rated head is 816m, exert oneself to be mixed for 23MW) centrifugal pump of a 6 class (the largest flow is 2.0m3/s, power is 19MW) . Because aircrew is perpendicular,arrange, reason height is greater, the full height of ovine lake aircrew is 23.4m.

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