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Pump water harbour can the investment of the power station how estimation
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Pump water harbour can the power station invests estimation (or budgetary estimate weaves) method and essentially similar of groovy hydroelectric station. Should show investment estimation above all (or budgetary estimate weaves) principle and basis, investing estimation (or budgetary estimate weaves) when, should mix according to level of national policy law and active norm, fare concerned regulation undertakes. The property that presses investment and project of installation of compose composition building, equipment is purchased and other project; Differentiate to be mixed for equipment of construction project, Electromechanical by the project metallic structure and installation project, installation project, casual Cheng, reservoir floods processing compensation and other charge. Project total investment needs classification, branch computation. In computation, year of the branch that fill a line invests estimation (or budgetary estimate) the summary table such as cost of class of amount of price of watch, material and material dosage, project, stage.

To raise pump water labor can the power station invests estimation (or budgetary estimate) work out quality, must strengthen investigation and study, collect investment estimation (or budgetary estimate) original basis data and about important file, undertake analytic computation to main fundamental unit price. Investing estimation (or budgetary estimate) in work out process, should explain the ground of origin of artificial salary standard, main material, scale that offer money and report, wind, water, arenaceous stone and construction are mechanical the foundation such as stage class cost is monovalent calculative principle and basis; Show ground of main facility cost price, origin and the affirmatory principle of carriage means and basis; Demonstrative reservoir floods emigrant change to build compensation and content of calculative of investment of environmental protection measure. To reflect investment content is mixed yield the real value of content, begin national economy evaluation, should investing estimation (or budgetary estimate) on the foundation, undertake the estimation of shadow price investment. Pump water harbour can the proportion of Electromechanical installation cost of the power station is larger, production difficulty is greater also, need to use foreign capital to purchase entrance equipment likely, its invest estimation (or budgetary estimate) but according to " project of irrigation works water and electricity uses method of work out of foreign capital budgetary estimate (purchase model) " work out, the available outside also can be being used wins the bid at international invite public bidding the foreign currency part of contractor, forehead of its foreign capital is spent according to international convention the regulation decides.

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