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U - a few experience in application of PVC service pipe
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Summary: Introduced U-PVC to provide the application in water supply conduit, combine construction practice, introduced U-PVC to provide a few experience of application.

Keyword: U of water supply conduit, PVC canal

One, foreword

As the development that the city builds, flowing water of person the people's livelihood rose smoothly to raise taller requirement to drinking water water quality. In the meantime, to assure water quality of feed pipe network, head office of petrifaction of bureau of building materials of total meeting, country, China combines national construction ministry, chemical industry ministry, China light industry supervisory bureau of technology of quality of province of hall of construction of dispatch and Shaanxi province, Shaanxi, Shaanxi saves bureau of industrial and commercial administration to combine dispatch short for Shaanxi Province to build a city to send [2001]247 date, eliminate the provision that casting pig provides.

My department analyses water supply water quality through investigation, union provides the real case of the net, casting pig, especially one of main reasons that galvanization steel tube already was water quality of water quality of influence water supply, written guarantee because of wall of steel tube of casting pig, galvanization dirty makes be in charge of a net to be defeated by water ability to reduce at the same time, increased to lose water resistance power, serious menace loses the sex of on the safe side of water.

2, canal of promotion application U-PVC

The plastic pipe that is used at water supply on the market at present is phyletic and various, all sorts of plastic pipes have actor drawback each, accordingly, must be united in wedlock to choose right plastic pipe capable person actually. For this my department established new-style canal material to choose leader group special orgnaization, course survey and prove repeatedly, make choose new-style canal capable person basic principle:

1, technical code is whole, product standard and design, construction and check and accept normative and all ready;

2, norms tubal material is all ready, norms of pipe fitting of form a complete set, category is all ready;

3, facilitating construction, the operation is convenience, do not need special tool, fast and reliable;

4, facilitate receive a valve, do not hold out water to be able to open 3 to receive a valve

5, maintenance is convenient, maintenance method is simple, maintenance pipe fitting is all ready;

6, tubal material does not suffer sewage, industrial waste water wait with all sorts of harmful gas corrode;

Integrate a few afore-mentioned basic principles, undertake an analysis to the product of numerous production manufacturer on the market seriously, consult experience of success of other water department and the problem in using, according to enterprise oneself actual, affirmatory U, PVC canal is in charge of those who reach galvanization canal to replace a product as grey casting, u-PVC canal has weight light, not rusty, do not written guarantee dirty, wall is smooth, hydraulic condition is advantageous, won't produce conduit 2 times to pollute, and U-PVC canal compares capable person of plastic to other pipe, the technology is mature, norms of tubal material, pipe fitting is all ready, facilitating maintenance, have the practice that uses successfully, I manage affirmatory promotion uses U, PVC canal, allot " about be in process of water supply conduit disuse galvanization is in charge of and casting pig is in charge of, the announcement that promotion uses new-style canal material " . Considering produce U at present, PVC canal manufacturer is numerous, pipe fitting is general not very good. I manage the product on probation that decides 3 manufacturer homes provides material.
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