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Restrict 8 when machine of our country project develops main and crucial technol
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Better to promote industry of Chinese project machinery faster land develops, association of industry of Chinese project machinery was aimed at the current situation of this industry to put forward 8 technologies to develop a proposal recently.

This association points out, project machinery industry is one of main pillar industries of machinist job, sale of Chinese project machine achieved 126.2 billion yuan 2005, profit 4.55 billion yuan, exit is achieved collect; 2006 of 2.94 billion dollar year project machine product advocate business Wu income continues with of 28.36% add fast achieve give 162 billion yuan new tall.

2007 1~10 month, sales revenue of project machine product compared to the same period amplitude is 42.3% , gross value of industrial output compared to the same period amplitude is 40% , sales volume of main business, main product grew 30.3% compared to the same period, one of 4 large base that China has made manufacturing industry of international project machinery () of the United States, Japan, European Union, China.

But in competition of domestic and international market, the technical level of product of Chinese project machine and core technology become the crucial factor that restricts its competition ability to rise further. With international advanced level photograph is compared, average difference is in the technical level of product of machine of our country project 15 years or so, main show is in product utilization reliability, overall on quality of life, exterior and informatization technology level. These difference are mirrorred in field of level of fundamental assembly technique centrally. Accordingly, want to revitalize industry of machinery of our country project, the policy sex support that should expand in the past to lead plane product merely changes development base component, put footing in level of technology of promotion foundation component, increase strength of its technology innovation, and complementary support with policy sex.

Current, the main and crucial technology that restricts product of machine of our country project has the following 8:

It is production technology of design of gear-box of dynamical shift gears. Gear-box of dynamical shift gears is the core part that project machine motivation delivers, although breed norms is more, but its function is same, general character is had in designing research and development to make. Advanced product photograph compares gear-box of shift gears of homebred now motivation and international, main existence is worn pitch of much, a confusion of voices, life weak point and leakage oil situation produce breakdown from time to tome the place that waits for inadequacy. Want to raise level of relevant product technology, production technology of design of gear-box of dynamical shift gears tackles key problem urgently rise. Design of gear-box of dynamical shift gears makes a technology include research and development method, electro-hydraulic control technology, craft production technology, experiment technology, material handles a technology, it is the integrated and compositive technology of a systematization. The proposal passes the development train of thought of transfer of technology and union of own innovation photograph, execute project invite public bidding to fulfil, again complementary give aid to with policy sex, execute a project to dog administrative method, make project research and development works to be carried out by the target reach the designated position.
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