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Clough is destroyed form and except danger consolidate measure
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Management of the canal austral Heibei province is in (Wu of river of the following abbreviation is in) , main administer child the downstream part of tooth river systems and catchment of canal of Zhang Wei Na. Build on main wadi have 5 key positions, it is brake of flood diversion of ground of the hub that install hill, nimble, north respectively Chentun hub, child tooth new river wears movement key position, child hub of big talk of tooth new river. The article is versed in to water of administer of river Wu location the destruction of the building form and divide danger consolidate measure accordingly to undertake summing up an analysis.

   1. clough destroys formal classification

According to be versed in to water of administer of river Wu location the building damages the investigation of the circumstance, clough destroys a form main component is 7 kinds: Namely break is destroyed, leakage is destroyed, erode, wear away destroy, of lock chamber open shut equipment to destroy, ferroconcrete structure carbonization and reinforcing steel bar are corroded, block tide lock brake downstream wadi deposit, seismic calamity.

   2. clough project removes danger consolidate measure

The repair method of 2.1 break

The processing of exterior break. Have 4 kinds of kind: ① cement mortar, waterproof coagulate quickly daub of surface of mortar, annulus oxygen mortar. ② sticks rubber or other data with sticky agent of glue of annulus oxygen material fill in the concrete surface ③ of interstitial place interstitial authentic chamfer uses the waterproof such as mortar of ointment of cement mortar, annulus oxygen mortar, glass reinforced plastics, bitumen, bitumen and bitumen hemp silk to embed fill. The appearance that ④ handles in interstitial authentic wool, use wait for a method without muscle or covering layer of mortar of cement of the eject that hang a net.

Can achieve through processing close interstitial, prevent leakage and raise concrete surface to fight strong capability, multi-purpose the break that did not affect to structural intensity at repair. If prevent mound of ooze bedclothes, parapet, brake and the break that protect calm.

Grouting of in-house and interstitial commonly used bore is handled. Spend the break that is more than 0.3mm to leaving, use; of common cement grouting to be spent to leaving the break that is less than 0.3mm or bigger to permeating velocity of flow or suffer temperature to affect more apparent break, use modified cement grouting or chemical grouting.

The repair method of 2.2 clough leakage

Settlement seams the repair method that shut-off of water ruptures. Sedimentation seam face surface authentic chamfer to clean, wait for bitumen asbestine rope or material of SR shut-off of water built-in seam inside, exterior level off, will violet sheet copper (or galvanization piece) oxygen radical fluid covers on besmear one layer link the surface that seaming, use profiled bar, expand the two side that bolt edge seams are fixed.
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