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Sewage heats up the pump technology application in close cloud sewage treatment
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Application Of Sewage Heat Pump Technology To Miyun Sewage Plant By Yang Haijing And Luk

Summary: Project of hot pump of sewage of sewage treatment plant of city of wingceltis of close cloud county introduces boreal Europe advanced technique and equipment, the source of water that uses the urban foul water that manages without any place to regard a source as water heats up pump technology, adopt the cause of low potential energy that has in sewage heat exchanger and changeover of hot pump aircrew to undertake heating, refrigeration into exalted the sources of energy, supply life hot water.

Keyword: Sewage heat exchanger heats up pump economy

Abstract: The Sewage Heat Pump Project Of Miyun Sewage Plant, introduced The Northern Europe Advanced Technology And Equipment.Adopting The Municipal Sewage Without Any Treatment As Heat Source And Heat Sink, is The Innovative Technic That Can Transfer The Low Temperature Energy Of Sewage Water To High Temperature Energy Through Heat Pump System For Heating, air Conditioning And Hot Water Supply.

Key Word: Sewage Heat Exchange Heat Pump Economical Efficiency

One, project general situation:

Sewage treatment plant of city of wingceltis of close cloud county is located at bank of beautiful wet Bai He, it is close cloud county exclusive sewage handles an aspect centrally, daily the processing of the sewage that assuming close 24000m3 of close cloud county. Sewage water quality is stable, all the year round temperature is in 13 OC-15 OC. Have inside the factory make an appointment with 10000m2 to build (office building, workshop, the) such as the garage, the heating that uses the urban foul water without processing to offer this factory for heat source and partial refrigeration (only office building needs refrigeration) , and return can use for life hot water. It is heat source with sewage when making heat, and collect for heat with sewage when refrigeration. Supply as a result of sewage of sewage treatment plant enough, extract and discharge quantity of heat to be able to satisfy the need of heating refrigeration.

This project is room of boiler of former coal fired of sewage treatment plant of city of wingceltis of close cloud county transform a project. Because boiler of former coal fired causes certain air pollution every year, to get used to the demand of Beijing environmental protection, the decision undertakes transforming to system of this heat addition, use coal fired no longer, because this was used already can heat addition, can the sewage source of refrigeration heats up pump system. Sewage treatment plant transforms cent to be two parts, be office building partly transform, another part is equipment factory building transform, what install inside office building is can refrigeration makes hot fan coil, what install inside equipment factory building is to come loose the steel with hot better performance strings together type radiator.
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