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Artificial wet sewage disposal technology and its development existing state of
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Summary Artificial wet ground and photograph of traditional sewage disposal law are lower than having capital construction, moving cost, operation and defend the issue that be in, pointed out the development direction that its did not come to.

Keyword Artificial wet sewage disposal builds cost

Abstract: Compared With Conventional Wastewater Treatment Processes.artificial Wetland Wastewater Treatment System Not Onlv Has The Merit Of Low Construction And Operation Cost But Also Has The Merit In Operation And This Paper Based On Status Of Rel, existing Problems Were Pointed Out, further The Trend Of Application Of Wetland To Wastewater Treatment Was Discussed.

Keywords: Ariiticial Wetland Wastewater Treatment Construction Cost

1 artificial of wet ground delay change

Wet ground is the individual important live thing in the forms below terraqueous action ecosystem on the earth lives one of natural zoology landscape of environment and diversity of the richest biology. And it is resisting the flood, adjust runoff, improvement environment of pollution of climate, control, beautification and the effect with safeguard the respect such as area ecological balance to have very main, be known as " natural kidney ' " .

Be applied wetly at sewage purification only then at 20 centuries 50 time, and study with what undertake sewage purification wetly artificially only then at 70 time not ridicule. It is a kind of useless water treatment that nearly 20 years development rises new technology, its characteristic is effect of investment province, processing good, move safeguard mix simply convenient, it belongs to a kind of zoology to administer the method of sewage, can regard traditional sewage disposal as a kind of of the technology effective replacement scheme, this to saving capital, protection water environment and the real significance with undertake effective zoology restores to have very important, reason more and more get the attention of world each country and attention.

Wet processing system basically is used at admitting a water of sewage disposal field at first, make water quality gets further improvement, make the amortize region that protects quality of condition of surface water annulus. Already developed wetly at the beginning of 80 time become handle and deal with the system of sewage, use at transform and building wet ecosystem, provide source of water, restore wet feral community and protection avian live the very main effect since environmental respect. Wet processing basically uses foul water at the following 5 respects explain: ① introduces a water that treated natural deal with wetly. ② is used natural undertake sewage deepness is handled wetly. The give water or treats via the part foul water that ③ uses classics processing is transformed and build the wet modes of life and relation to their environment of the balance, what restore wet fall victim then is avian with feral community. Labour of ④ benefit choose and employ persons undertakes sewage disposal wetly directly. ⑤ is a purpose with protecting laky, river, those who use beach of flood land, lake is natural purify river water wetly.
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