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   Fluviograph of sound wave typeIt is a kind when reflex type fluviograph, applied sound wave encounters principle of catoptric of different mind extent to determine water level. Cent is type of spirit take to heart and water interpose type two kinds. Type of spirit take to heart is the transmission medium of sound wave with air, upper part of transducer park surface, reflex sound wave by surface, according to echo time calculable show water level. The instrument does not contact water system, cast off the silt in water completely, velocity of flow pounds the influence that waits for adverse element with aquatic. Water interpose type is transducer installation is by the river, emit sound wave to surface. Sound wave transmits speed in water medium tall, the space is large, also do not need to build logging. Two kinds of fluviograph all can use cable to transmit to indoor show or store record (see water level observation) .

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