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Stage Recorder

Determine automatically and record river, laky the instrument of the water level that waits for water system with irrigation ditch. Distribute carburettor float form by sensor principle, dog type, pressure type and reflection type. Water level records means to basically have: Record paper description, data shows or type record, punched tape, tape and solid circuit store etc. The accuracy of fluviograph is in commonly 1 ~ 3 centimeters of less than, the record cycle of the fluviograph that China makes has 1 day, 30 days wait with 90 days. The error when going, mechanical bell is 2 minutes / day, crystal bell is less than quartz 5 minutes / month.

   Fluviograph of carburettor float typeIts principle is by water level of carburettor float induction litre fall. Useful and mechanical means makes carburettor float drive records common fluviograph of the structure directly, the corner volume transition that a bobber is offerred becomes increment report pulse or binary encode pulse is made remote fluviograph of transmission telex, data transmission, bobber of useful still miniature and the number that a lot of canals striking spring comprise pass feeling fluviograph to wait. Application is wider is mechanical fluviograph. Fluviograph of applied bobber type needs to have logging facility, agree with only the reach of low sandiness quantity with strong very small silt of bank slope stability, riverbed is used. Logging sees a picture 1.

   Dog type fluviographCall contact fluviograph again, use the report on heavy weight to measure a needle to contact surface to issue telegraphic order, make electric machinery is turning or changeover, dog at any time the position of water noodle, determine thereby water level. Go up in steeper bank slope commonly erect iron pipe, dangerous hammer and hang all alone to rise in conduit fall, drive record or question mark unit. Iron pipe water inlet needs to have heavy sand and dead water establishment.

   Pressure type fluviographIts working principle is to measure hydraulic power, computative water level. Its characteristic is not to need to build dead water logging, can secure sensor in river bottom, with bring press a canal to remove atmosphere force, measure directly thereby water level. Pressure type fluviograph has two kinds. One kind is bleb model, bringing gas transports ceaselessly in approaching a valve, with self-adjusting pressure balance will hydraulic force is changed into mechanical corner to measure, drive record orgnaization thereby. Another kind is measured for report model, it applies solid state to press block parts of an apparatus to make sensor, can become hydraulic force change voltage model quantity or frequency quantity to output directly, transmit with lead aspirant travel is handled and record to the bank.

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