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Hydrology measures newspaper chain tube-shaped part automatically
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Automatic System Of Hydrological Data Acquisition And Transmission

By collect, deliver and become. Cent transmits passageway and central control station into telemetering station, information (abbreviation center stands) 3 parts. Basically use at flood prevention and irrigation works to attemper. Need time a few minutes to be able to be finished namely only inside limits of small drainage area data is collected and handle, offer the rainfall regimen of key reach, reservoir in time. Working principle of the system sees a picture.

   Telemetering standsThe real time data that collects rainfall, water level and other hydrology parameter automatically. Certain kind is pressed to weave these data into pulse signal below the control that the center stands, transfer central station through channel. The instrument equipment that telemetering stands has machine of pluviometric, fluviograph, coder, data transmission, broadcasting station and power source equipment to wait. Run unmanned operation in somebody commonly undertake below the circumstance. Type of pluviometric commonly used tipping bucket, every millimeter rainfall retroflexions, give out signal drive record and coder. Fluviograph majority uses carburettor float formula, record pen and coder with mechanical orgnaization straight drive. Coder is a rainfall and water level (namely imitate of carburettor float displacement is measured) the parts of an apparatus that is changed into digital n. Can make up a pulse signal that gives all sorts of codes to make, rainfall encode has increment only, and water level change is successive, reversible, must use circuit of double brush differentiate, pace to enter orgnaization or cyclic code dish wait for special method. Transmit a telegraphy when what receive telemetering station or central station after the instruction, complete set equipment is started, take out data from inside coder, press certain logic program general station number, rainfall and water level are ordinal send go out.

Send make type have two kinds: Zhuang member each observation in system of? of ⑺ of ㄊ any of several hot spice plants stands from tendercy center station to transmit a telegraphy, its control a method to time control and increment control two kinds. Time mix by the time that provides beforehand namely measure second, when arriving, transmit a telegraphy. Increment is to point to rainfall or water level when every change is a certain quantity of, if rainfall increases 1 millimeter, water level increase and decrease 1 millimeter, transmit a telegraphy instantly real time accumulative total rainfall and water level. Send every time come several times, every parameter makes an appointment with 0.3 ~ 0.5 seconds can. Means of these two kinds of control also can be united in wedlock use, the computation with rainfall of contented period of time and understanding fixture are regular. ② respondent type is sent, the answer gives after measuring a station to wait to receive the instruction that central station hair comes to, transmit a telegraphy real time data. It asks observation station receives facility long-term or electrify of calm period of time, be in on call condition.
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