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Blue green alga
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Blue green alga is alga biology, call La Luzao again; The cell of most La Zao has colloid clothes outside the wall, because this cries again,stick alga. In all alga biology, blue green alga is the simplest, a the most primitive kind.

Division belong to classification

Blue green alga belongs to door of blue green alga

Cent is two key link: Chromosphere alga key link and alga breed Duan Gang.

Body of alga of chromosphere alga key link is one-celled body or group; Duan Gangzao body is alga breed protonema, breed having alga paragraph.

Blue green alga goes out to be apart from now about on the earth today 35 ~ 3.3 billion years ago, foregone La Zao makes an appointment with 2000 kinds, china already had about 900 kinds of the record. Distributing very extensive, pervade world each district, but most (about 75% ) weak aquatic product, minority is marine; Some blue green alga can live in 60 ~ in the hot spring of 85 ℃ ; Some sort and bacterium, moss, brake kind with gymnospermous accrete; In still can wearing calcic qualitative rock or shell a little (if wear calcic alga) or in edaphic depth (be like edaphic blue green alga) .

Blue green alga is a monad, without nucleolus, but nuclear material is contained in the center of the cell, submit grain form normally or meshy, chromosome and pigment distributing equably in cytoplasmic in. This nucleus material does not have nuclear film and nucleolus, but the function that has a nucleus, friend call his former nucleus. With the bacterium, blue green alga is belonged to " former nucleus biology " . It waits one case with the bacterium that provides former nucleus, sheet stands for bound of former nucleus biology.


Blue green alga does not provide the cell such as net of body of bead of chloroplast, line, golgiosome, endoplasm and vacuole implement, contain chlorophyll A, without chlorophyll B, contain several kinds of lutein and carotene, still contain alga bravery element (the floorboard that is blue element of phycoerythrobilin, alga and Bie Zao blue element) . Say commonly, a of Fan Hanxie green element and amount of alga blue element are larger, the cell is shown mostly glaucous. Same, also a few sort contains more phycoerythrobilin, alga body shows red more, if give birth to a kind of La Zao in Yu Gonghai, be called Shu Maozao of the Red Sea, the phycoerythrobilin amount that contains as a result of it is much, alga body shows red, and progenitive fast also, reason makes seawater also shows red, the Red Sea from this and get a name. Although blue green alga does not have chloroplast, but visible below electric lens cytoplasmic in a lot of light combine film, call kind of bursa body, all sorts of light add up to pigment to all be added on its, photosynthesis process undertakes here.

The chemical composition of the cellular wall of the cellular wall of blue green alga and bacterium is similar, basically be stick peptide; Store light adds up to child to basically be starch of blue green alga and body of grain of blue green alga to wait. Outside cellular wall one's duty two, lining is cellulose, the small number of people considers as fruit is colloid with semi-cellulose. Outer it is colloid garment scabbard with fruit is colloid give priority to, or have a few cellulose. Wall can continue to be secreted outwards colloid in increasing glue scabbard. A little phyletic glue scabbard very firm mix closely can have bedding, scabbard of a little phyletic glue is very easy to hydrate, the glue scabbard of photograph adjacent cell but mutual dissolve and. There can be the blame such as palm, red, ash in glue scabbard photosynthesis pigment.
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