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Small Bai Long irrigates

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Small Bai Long is to use a kind of high pressure to get together second is rare the filmy tube that blow model and becomes makes tubing, can rise and fall along with landform when the job be defeated by water. Should measure those who choose small Bai Long to change way according to a water of motor-pumped well (diametical) , if give water to measure 50 tons / the well of the hour, should choose change way the tube of 300 millimeter does a canal to be defeated by water, in the meantime, choose 170 millimeter to break water of the fill between the Xiang Tian of tube matching water of diameter. The characteristic of technology of water of fill of small white dragon is first far hind close, first tall hind low, in field interior, often use be out of line water of section law fill, be about to the Bai Longxian section inside cropland, rice of 6-10 of every end length, cover a link, downstream is regressive be out of line have fill water.

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