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The program of sprinkling irrigation system and decorate
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Want to undertake field survey and survey above all, obtain the basic data of natural condition and socioeconomy circumstance, undertake be decorated reasonably and be arranginged to sprinkling irrigation system on this foundation next (see) of sprinkling irrigation equipment.

Choose form of sprinkling irrigation system

The factor such as requirement of water of sort of base area form, crop, fill is certain. The crop with high value of much, economy grows sprinkling irrigation time area (like vegetable area, orchard) use system of stationary sprinkling irrigation more. The grain crop area of upland sloping field or Campagna often uses movable type or system of half stationary sprinkling irrigation, in order to raise utilization rate of equipment and installations. Small farmland or auxiliary sex irrigate, can use sprinkling irrigation machine of small-scale movable type, in order to reduce cost. Be in the area that has requirement of natural fall fountainhead, should use press sprinkling irrigation system to run cost in order to reduce oneself. It is the area of fountainhead with motor-pumped well, well had better decorate in plot if intermediate; is used bright canal pilot a ship into a harbour, should make as far as possible bright canal edge plot grows a side of the edge or through plot intermediate parallel decorates; to be on sloping field, terraced field at growing a border, end class does a canal to answer perpendicular make raise a canal to be decorated with contour line parallel as far as possible at contour line. A canal of sprinkling irrigation system should as far as possible perpendicular monsoon advocate wind direction.

Spray certainly means and form of shower nozzle combination

Of shower nozzle spray means, full circle sprays spray with sector two kinds. General stationary and aircrew of half stationary system and movable type of much shower nozzle use full circle to spray more. But in ground edge and gradient steeper hill area also uses sector to spray. Aircrew of movable type of only sprinkler head should make sector spray. Order the sprinkling irrigation system of sprinkling irrigation surely, should position of reasonable combination shower nozzle, make of each shower nozzle spray limits can be built each other receive. The principle that shower nozzle sets is to be in wind or calm condition fall, all can assure to spray not blank, have taller uniformity.

Choose shower nozzle and actuating pressure

The hydraulic performance that choice shower nozzle wants to consider shower nozzle above all should suit the characteristic of sprinkling irrigation crop and soil. Vegetable and young tender crop should choose the sprinkler head with pulverization higher rate, and can use the sprinkler head with largish water corn, broomcorn. Want to choose the sprinkler head of intensity of low sprinkling irrigation to agglutinant earth, and arenaceous sex earth can choose the sprinkler head with sprinkling irrigation tallish intensity.

Actuating pressure is the important parameter of sprinkling irrigation system, matter to quality of installation cost, moving cost, sprinkling irrigation and project to cover an area of wait for a variety of elements. Actuating pressure is great, sprinkler range is far, project cost is inferior, but specific power consumption is big, moving cost is high. Accordingly, when choosing actuating pressure, want to produce condition of requirement, existing equipment according to agriculture, and cost and the condition such as moving charge, integrated consideration is affirmatory. Have actuating pressure partition to pressing sprinkling irrigation system to be able to press discretion of fill area terrain oneself, limit of reasonable and affirmatory highest actuating pressure, below the premise that asks in contented sprinkling irrigation, reduce the breed norms of equipment as far as possible, reduce project cost.
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