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Technology of common water treatment
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Rise as what human material lives, the degree that the environment pollutes is serious with each passing day also, be opposite especially the pollution of water particularly serious, for human health, and the idea that generated to purify water, the most primitive water treatment method is the method that adopts precipitation, it is muddy water clears, but this can the big grain of naked eye visibility such as the silt in eliminate water, and be at a loss what to do to invisible harmful bacterium, then people kills harmful bacterium with disinfectant, accompanying killed harmful bacterium translate into to cause cancer however meanwhile the danger of organic matter, to suit a family daily life needs, and produced water treatment engine.

generation water treatment machine is family expenses activated carbon clean water implement, its action basically is the contaminant in carrying activated carbon adsorbed water, its defect is to use long meeting invalidation, and period of efficacy is very short.

Follow the 2nd generation water treatment machine exceeds filter film water treatment machine emerge as the times require, it but the member with old eliminate and molecular group, but cannot bacterium of eliminate young member and metallic ion.

The 3rd generation produced again later water treatment machine includes mineral water treatment machine, reverse osmosis water treatment machine and antiseptic model water treatment machine, among them mineral water treatment machine be add in water mineral, this kind of method can make human body is obtained admittedly corresponding mineral, pass when mineral chroma tall not be meddlesome, and what what add is mineral not be human body need, next, he cannot catch thing except decontamination. Reverse osmosis water treatment machine is an all impurity in water, no matter stand or fall is entire eliminate, its advantage is to be able to withhold one part dissolved oxygen, but it at the same time eliminate what human body needs is mineral, and want electrified pump job, use entrance film, so, the price is high, cannot satisfy the need of average citizen, still having is antiseptic model water treatment machine, its can use bleaching powder, also can use strong oxidant, for example, ozone, it can kill a bacterium inside a few seconds, can store in water of a week long, but after a week, annul, water can be polluted all the same and the water inside period of efficacy causes cancer easily. Additional, with ultraviolet ray antiseptic also have some of effect, but easy cause bacterial pathological change, be like,still can add the compound that can kill a bacterium: IThe compound of.Ag.Cu, but the heavy metal that left a sequela to cause cancer easily is ionic. Reach from this the effect of these water treatment machine is not ideal.

Accept filter film water treatment machine is with accept filter film is main part, structure slightly loose, similar reverse osmosis water treatment machine of film, accept filter film is film of report of carry on one's shoulder, can undertake electric sex adsorption, tall to electric sex F ion, can partial purify, have aperture of pay close level, macromolecule cannot be passed, the water element part of free condition is passed, naCl part is passed through, calcium is ionic, magnesian ionic and fewer part can be passed. Include in order to sail upstream the advantage of processor, and avoided 2 times to pollute. Can build a kind to water healthily means.
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