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Prevent frostbite of urban water supply fights aspic technology measure
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Knowledge of dweller prevent frostbite

It is the establishment using water such as the conduit in dweller home, water meter, faucet, can use insulation material (fabric of fibre glass cloth, linen-cotton, plastic foam, careless rope) undertake voluble wrapping tightening, the water supply establishment of shady place should add thick colligation. Indoor water meter still can use fish trap of water meter prevent frostbite.

2 be should build good cistern coping to building top cistern, wait for the fluctuation wirereinforced suction hose of cistern and valve to be twined with insulation material wrap close. To installing the conduit that is outdoor, usable warm is tasted (wait for content like fabric of cotton, cotton cloth, hemp, careless belt, careless rope) had wrapped conduit and valve, wrap protect content to want to keep dry, do not have water bedew, want to be wrapped tight is compactly, next reoccupy polybag (film) encase or plastic belt is twined.

3 be to installing the water meter inside well of the water meter outdoor, want the seeper inside cleared well, slack place is not had inside the well, ensure its are dry, fill on sand, curium the foam brim to water meter red copper.

4 it is night should shut corridor, kitchen, toilet external and the window of all and shady room, make sure indoor temperature is in 0 Celsius above, close valve of indoor water meter at the same time, open faucet, put water of the remnant in conduit.

5 be in frigid weather (- 3 ℃ the following) , faucet of to turn on of the in a way after water had better be used in evening, hold faucet very small trickle position, make sure the tap water inside conduit flows, prevent nightly be stayed in by aspic.

6 it is the conduit that lives to already freezing, appropriate twists boiled water bibcock first, with faucet of hot towel wrap up, irrigate Wen Shui next, with Wen Shui edge faucet is irrigated to conduit slowly asperse, make conduit defrost, must not be twisted forcibly or open forcibly with the tool. If irrigate,still do not see to water meter place current goes out, explain water meter also freezes, right now hot on the bag on water meter towel is irrigated with Wen Shui asperse, make water meter defrost, avoid by all means uses internal heat roast, prevent water meter to damage.

7 it is the dweller had better do good store level to have in the late evening, had better be hot water, cause inconvenience in order to avoid to life of morrow early morning.

Water works, be defeated by measure of prevent frostbite of cop matching water

One, water works prevent frostbite and safety move

1. Urban water supply should accomplish science to attemper, according to water requirement change adjusts pressure of feed pipe net in time, keep the net presses equilibrium to do a canal in order to reduce water supply truly " cartridge igniter " phenomenal happening. To the place that freezes easily, do not stop to move, want to carry a higher moving negative charge as far as possible at the same time. The attention because reaction of temperature low chlorine is not complete and brought more than chloric amount increases an issue, do heat preservation of pool of good clear water to react in order to assure chlorine complete, increase appropriately leave factory frequency of to hydrate check, always observe water quality condition, ensure more than chloric qualification.
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