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How conserve is agricultural sumbersible pump
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Slack season season, answer sumbersible pump to had done necessary conserve, with lengthening its service life mixes ensure busy when use normally:

1, the examination is fragile: The impeller of sumbersible pump, ouch, axle sleeve, bearing etc is fragile. Should tear apart water pump ministry above all below, the examination is fragile in good condition. Forbidden use injury and unqualified spare parts.

2, change lube: Open sealed room and the oily Kong Luo with in-house electromotor to nail respectively, sealed and indoor give off entirely with the lube of electromotor interior, change new oil, ensure lubricant system works normally.

3, tear open pump case to prevent rusty: Before spring is used, should ravel most pump case of on one class, turn brake closes to start again after impeller, in case the component is rusty cannot start normally and burn down electric machinery. This maintains want to filling water type electromotor to be weighed particularly.

4, ensure sealed: Agricultural sumbersible pump is very strict to sealed requirement, changing when sealed and indoor lube, if discovery is oleaginous cloudy and water content is high, whole change or must change sealed box or seal ring, in order to ensure its sealing can be good.

5, dry electric machinery: With 500 million Europe the watch measures the insulation resistance of the winding of sumbersible pump and crust, if block is worth under 0.5 million Europe, answer moisture of drive electric machinery. Dry method has: Dry method mixes exterior and dry method, electric current both the combined drying way that has at the same time. Exterior and dry method is to use exterior heat source to undertake handling namely, commonly used measure has: ⑴ blows sirocco: Use electric heat implement air-blower (agricultural and small-sized sumbersible pump can use hair dryer) blow sirocco in order to achieve the bulb of purpose; ⑵ of dry processing roast: Inside airtight box, the bulb that uses several 200 tile to control undertakes roast. Note roast temperature cannot exorbitant, should control in 125 ℃ report of ⑶ of the following; dries dry: Can mix according to the impedance of sumbersible pump the series connection of winding of three-phase of electromotor of old young general of power source or paralell connection, receive one rheostat next, adjust electric flow to be worth for rated electric current 60% the left and right sides, electrify is dry.

6, ensure bearing is lubricant: Change to carry the framework oil seal that builds bearing room to reach lithium radical grease up and down to filling water type sumbersible pump to should be checked. Work in order to ensure bearing is long-term below lubricant and good position.

7, check bearing: Those who check electromotor part go up, next bearing, be like discovery to wear away or gap is too big, must change in time new bearing, forbidden " in spite of illness " patchy use. Examination method is as follows: When the accident that be like report turns, generation " Ka thumps " sound, and cycle and rotate speed become direct ratio, and turn feel arduous when rotor with the hand, it is bearing boils to have a place on the road acerbity or have if spiccato is given out inside bearing,rip phenomenal; " choke choke " sound, the inaccuracy is decided dead center when rotor of the roll that use a hand, it is ball wearing commonly burst of attaint, inner ring or ball are broken. Encounter afore-mentioned situations, must change bearing, lest cause bigger damage.
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