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Farm of section water synergism irrigates new technology
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5. Project cost is cheap

Come how many years, drip irrigation technology in the crop that call high technology and is used in high additional cost only by people all the time. As water natural resources be in short supply to suit the national condition, research that reduces investment to obtain very great progress with what establishment of homebred drip irrigation undertakes with each passing day, drip irrigation technology can be entered completely already land for growing field crops and get used to common agriculture to use. Especially establishment of the drip irrigation below film of Xinjiang day trade, cost of every 667 square metre is controlled 300 yuan only, it is the 1/8 of cost of foreign congener product, installation operating period can be amounted to 5, 8 years, most end class drip irrigation takes every meters of price to be 0.2 yuan only, drip irrigation of land of every 667 square metre takes investment to need 120 yuan only, belt of the drip irrigation after using 2 years or so is OK still old change new, every meters collect fee of 0.12 yuan of treatment only, drip irrigation of every 667 square metre takes investment to be able to fall 70 multivariate.

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