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Farm of section water synergism irrigates new technology
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Drip irrigation is the douche such as the drop head that goes up in wool canal through installation, orifice or drip irrigation belt, water an adagio drop enters the soil is medium fill water method near crop root area. The drip irrigation below film is the ground film helps advance somebody's career technology and drip irrigation technology organic union, be taken in drip irrigation namely or film of a ground is covered on canal of drip irrigation wool, it is farm of synergism of water of a section irrigates new technology. The advantage of the drip irrigation below film basically has:

1. Irrigate with water most province

Drip irrigation only area of growth of wet crop root system, belong to local irrigate form, because drop water intensity is less than the speed of soil that enter ooze, won't form runoff to make soil hardens consequently. Quantity of water of drop of the drip irrigation below film is very few, and can make the finite moisture in soil circulates between soil and ground film, reduce crop evaporate. Enclothe ground film to still can turn lesser invalid rainfall into significant rainfall, raise the utilization rate of natural rainfall. According to the test: The average water consumption of the drip irrigation below film is the tradition irrigates 12% of means, 50% be sprinkling irrigation, 70% be general drip irrigation.

2. Fertilizer utilization rate rises

Easy dissolve fertilizer fertilizes, can use drip irrigation to arrive along with water in soil of crop root system, make fertilizer utilization rate rises greatly. According to the test, the drip irrigation below film can make the utilization rate of fertilizer by 30% ~ 40% , rise 50% , 60% .

3. Increase production effect is apparent

The drip irrigation below film can be timely right amount ground offers fertilizer to water supply of crop root area, adjust at the same time film enclothes a temperature between and humidity; when difference in temperature of day and night changes, the knot inside film is shown, can improve the micro climate environment that crop grows, grow for crop thereby offer good condition, increase production effect is consequently apparent. According to investigation, the drip irrigation below film can make yield of average low yield cotton rises 30% , vegetable is added close 40% , watermelon, muskmelon is added close 25% .

4. The fare that send work is very low

Film issues drip irrigation, because irrigation water cent is not had between plant travel, fireweed is consequently less than accumulating irrigating soil in the round, can decrease weed send work. Drop water irrigates, soil does not harden, can decrease hoe frequency. Drip irrigation system does not need level land and ditch to make rectangular pieces of land in a field again, can implement automation, reduce the amount of labor of field fill water and labor intensity greatly. According to investigation, flooding of flood of drip irrigation comparing every 667 square metre (1 mu) province industry is controlled 10 times.
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