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Trouble removal of water pump tripping operation
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1: Breakdown phenomenon

Aircrew of 125 Mw of plum county power plant since put into production, water supply pump can happen to close gate now and then namely the problem of tripping operation, drop a brand without any signal relay. After removing switch orgnaization trouble, by groovy method wiring of 2 examination cable, loop is mixed each relay and it is normal that its are worth surely, start again often succeed again. Dcs system soft breakdown creates suspicion after, but change controlling dish go out to drill, still can appear this phenomenon.

2: The experiment searchs an account

To examine the reason that understands this phenomenon, in observing switch combines brake course each the metabolic circumstance of watch plan, because make,be He Yuan in order to affirm its tripping operation.

Experiment among them loop of tripping operation of volmeter surveillance personal computer, milliampere expresses surveillant differential relay condition of movement of 1cj, 2cj, ammeter monitors hot project protects loop. After receiving watch plan, start water pump, through the experiment of period of time, start to water pump once eventually namely tripping operation, the deflexion of pressing with a finger that observes milliampere is expressed at the same time one, other monitors watch plan does not have reaction, change the Xjl-0025/31 on collect newly to become a type signal relay 1xj also the movement drops a brand, making clear is by differential protective act causes tripping operation.

3: Germ analysis

Differential protects a movement, suspect trouble be havinged by protective equipment interior above all. Pass groovy inspection, electric machinery of water supply pump and its cable are normal, differential relay desired result is normal, join of voltaic transformer polarity is correct. After excluding equipment malfunction and the account with wrong wiring, differential protection starts the movement in the process in electric machinery, show in this process the poor electric current of differential loop exceeds differential relay to make calm cost.

The cause that differential loop causes to need electricity below normal circumstance basically has at 2 o'clock: It is electric machinery from beginning to end the voltaic transformer of two side becomes more different than the error, put in a very small poor electric current, this poor electric current is less than electric machinery 5% of Id of rated electric current. 2 it is from beginning to end 2 times the difference of bear also can cause transformer of two side electric current its change compared difference, put in to need electricity thereby. The difference of voltaic transformer bear in protecting loop to differential of water pump electric machinery is cable length 2 only is different, differ about 50 M, and be below rated electric current, the power of differential relay is used up do not be more than 3 Va, 2 load are not heavy. The model of transformer of electric current of side of from beginning to end that the examination discovers to protection of differential of electric machinery of water supply pump is used all is Lmzbj-10, b class 15 times rated electric current, change than 600/5, capacity 40 Va, can satisfy laden requirement completely 2 times.
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