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Water pump installs point and common breakdown analysis to handle way
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Processing technique: Outfit firm water pump or the installation height; that reduce water pump change main shaft of water pump of correctional bent of; of electric machinery ball bearing or the relative position that adjust good water pump and electric machinery.

(4) transmission shaft or overheat of electric machinery bearing

Generation reason: Lack lube or bearing burst to wait.

Processing technique: Add pour lubricating oil or change bearing.

(5) water pump does not give water

Generation reason: Pump housing and suction hose do not have; of fill full pilot a ship into a harbour to move water level to wait under burst of suction hose of; of water pump screen pipe.

Processing technique: Remove heart valve trouble, ; of fill full pilot a ship into a harbour reduces the installation position of water pump, make screen pipe is using water level under, or etc move water level to had risen screen pipe to pump water; is repaired or change again suction hose.

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