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Water pump installs point and common breakdown analysis to handle way
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1. The installation of water pump wants a place

The installation position of water pump should satisfy the requirement that allows suction vacuum height, foundation must level, firm, the direction of rotation of the direction of rotation that assures dynamical machinery and water pump is consistent. When water pump and dynamical machine use axial connection, should make sure axes is in go up point-blank together, vibration and bearing arise when aircrew moves in case bosseyed wear away if; uses adhesive plaster transmission, should make axes mutual and parallel, adhesive plaster wheel pair. If there is much stage unit inside same computer room, between aircrew and aircrew, between aircrew and wall due the distance of 800mm above. Water pump suction hose must sealed and good, and reduce bend and brake a powerful person as far as possible, add air should be discharged when pouring draw or channel water, air should not build up inside the canal when moving, requirement suction hose is small show on inclined with connection of water pump water inlet, water inlet is due and certain flood deepness. The obligate aperture on water pump foundation, should the dimension according to water pump is pouring.

2. Water pump is common breakdown analysis and processing technique

The water pump of different type, the expressional form of its breakdown is different, but wraparound rise, have the following common characteristics.

(1) discharge is insufficient

Generation reason: Affecting water pump discharge to be not worth is suction hose more heart valve is flat, flat; water inlet jams; heart valve enters water deepness to be not worth rotate speed of; water pump seal ring of too low; or impeller had worn away big; bibulous height exceeds mark to wait.

Processing technique: Check suction hose and heart valve, stem flat source; clears water inlet is in silty or jam 1.5 times what valve of content; heart must be more than diameter of wirereinforced suction hose into water deepness, increase heart valve to check power source voltage into water deepness; ,

Increase water pump rotate speed, change the installation position that seal ring or impeller; reduce water pump, or change soar Cheng water pump.

(2) power has been used up big

Generation reason: Main shaft of water pump of too tall; curves water pump rotate speed or; of different heart or rough travel chooses water pump main shaft and electric machinery main shaft water pump lift is improper; water pump is inspiratory silt or have jam attaint of ball bearing of content; electric machinery.

Processing technique: Check circuit voltage, reduce; of water pump rotate speed main shaft of correctional water pump or the choose appropriate lift relative to positional; water pump; that adjust water pump and electric machinery clear silt or jam content; changes the ball bearing of electric machinery.

(3) pump housing is acuteness vibration or generation noise

Generation reason: Water pump is installed not firm or water pump installs ball bearing of exorbitant; electric machinery to main shaft of attaint; water pump bends or differ with electric machinery main shaft heart, rough travel.
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