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Market of water and electricity " great disparity of the rich and the poor "
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Concerned expert points out, development of prospective water and electricity basically should pay close attention to issue of the following sides to strengthen a technology to innovate, we from before chase enter present lead level, technical innovation strength must be increased, accelerate an environment friendly model construction of system of standard of superintendency technology of water and electricity; Constituent water and electricity develops systematic research, include a technology to tackle key problem, conduct propaganda of science management, popular science and promotion system; Begin large dams risk to manage mode to discuss, large dams builds an enterprise how to develop international river, in how sharing market of international water and electricity, go, how seek develops further etc. At present the west has gone in our front row, we should quicken research pace.

Current, the strength of scientific research investment that the country creates a company to equipment of water and electricity is too small, make the job of research and development of the enterprise has some of ability not equal to one's ambition. Hope country can be right the development of equipment of important water and electricity works as soon as possible project approving, increase scientific research to throw strength, to promoting equipment of our country water and electricity development the level gives the support of greater strength.

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