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Market of water and electricity " great disparity of the rich and the poor "
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As we have learned, the resource of water and electricity with the natural better condition such as Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang has been developed for the most part, existing resource development difficulty is too great, already economy develops resource aptly again less and less. Resource of some water and electricity is in remote region, natural condition abominable, development cost is too high. In recent years, irrigation works ministry was strengthened to having project approving, without the design, without check and accept, the “ that does not have management putting in a mouth 's charge 4 without ” Xiaoshui of electric project rectify, normative Xiaoshui examines and approve formalities each of electric development. In the meantime, the country begins to control land strictly to use index, gradually constrictive credit dimensions, increased the difficulty of project of small water and electricity.

Still the expert inside course of study expresses, face changeable market environment, want to stand firm in intense competition, medium or small production company of equipment of water and electricity needs to be strengthened further with the collaboration between course of study of domestic and international person of the same trade and communication, take a technology seriously to upgrade to innovate with the product. In addition, from industry point of view, should perfect in urine report system of standardization and quality system, continue to make and edit occupation standard, fall these standards to real point, conform with international as soon as possible. This will be helpful for medium or small production company of equipment of water and electricity extends overseas market. Equipment of water and electricity of normative market the right season or time is a kind of many breed, much norms is nonstandard product. The design of aircrew of water and electricity must decide according to the actual condition of the power station, the research cycle of aircrew of water and electricity grows quite again, so scientific research must go ahead of the rest, study straight early arrangement, early. About expert proposal, should include a country the development of 1 billion made of baked clay aircrew as soon as possible in the development project that great skill equips, so that the enterprise exceeds world level this with respect to proceed from now,the research of sophisticated technology and equipment are made. Now, the most pressing should decide one sets an example as soon as possible rely on a project, will come true to be designed independently by domestic company, make independently, already will digest absorb the technical application that innovates again to arrive actual in go. As a result of pump water harbour can the sex of technical whole set of aircrew is stronger, the country should give aid to domestic company rises labor of its pump water energetically can the team design ability of aircrew, such ability assure harbour of our country pump water can the power station builds base oneself upon at home.
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