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Market of water and electricity " great disparity of the rich and the poor "
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Current, city of benefit of river of Bai Lian of the Henan treasure spring in construction, Hubei, Guangdong harbour of 13 pump water can the aircrew stand-alone capacity of the power station is 300 thousand kilowatt about, through introducing France A Ersi understands the technology of the company, factory of Harbin electric machinery is finite the kind that liability company and Inc. of Oriental electric machinery produce with distributing a packet, acquired the core technology with advanced international, for harbour of our country large pump water can the development of aircrew won ” of “ high starting point.

Live in crack of small and medium sized business

Project of large water and electricity builds fire of the wind that get wind, medium or small the development state of affairs of water and electricity how? Industry of equipment of phone of the urine in “ is intimate unfavorable situation of two years is very bad! ” this will be on August 25, li Feng of secretary-general of branch of equipment of water and electricity of association of industry of Chinese electric equipment gives the reporter's answer. In recent years, market of cable of the urine in home is exceeding and atrophic, the situation that the industry faces is grim, together with since this year, common and medium-sized rolled steel, crude oil rises generally, and the material of all sorts of form a complete set, outside the cost of the producer price that buys a part, labor addition that also has different rate, cause company order to be not worth apparently, this year first half of the year order goods the quantity is compared the corresponding period dropped last year 50% , prospective market situation is to not allow more hopeful.

As we have learned, although our country water and electricity is built,still rise at development period, but ” of “ water electric heat, especially the development do not have foreword of urine report and administrative vacancy, cause construction of water and electricity not to have Zhang Ke abide, zoology environment by wanton destroy, the industry is produced can great expand. Begin from 2005, the country increased the strength of macroscopical adjusting control. The investment that small now water and electricity builds is enthusiastic gradually subsidise, cause the market serious atrophy. The reporter asks a company controller to talk in the phasic “ of market of urine phone equipment is bad to say ah, a few small plants that do not have ability are fooled and go up, threw into confusion the normal order of market of equipment of water and electricity, care of project quality can ah controller of ” this company of one call the turn. In last few years, because equipment of power station Electromechanical presents very strong seller's market, each district appeared many new lead plane facility make manufacturer. Of each “ manufacturer order goods the task is very full. These are new the manufacturer that hold water, some still does not have the capacity that produces mainframe equipment, accept ' cooperation is gotten everywhere after ordering goods this factory does, that factory does, undertake assembly medley, the product that production comes out achieves quality unlikelily ask. Because many manufacturer produce the task to tighten, often want to work overtime, the quality problem of equipment also makes a person particularly anxious. Although such, ask very hard also to deliver the goods on schedule by the contract. Because facilities demands exceeds supply, the market appears the appearance that gives ' of ' try anything when in a desperate situation. ”
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