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Market of water and electricity " great disparity of the rich and the poor "
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Large facility develops like a raging fire

Already releasing " a certain number of opinions that the State Council promotes equipment to make about accelerating " in, aircrew of large water and electricity and harbour of large pump water can aircrew serves as large cleanness efficient generate electricity equipment, the project that develops mainly during 915 ” of “ of the country that be labelled. How to promote the own development of these two kinds of important equipment the standard, construction of change water and electricity is excessive the situation that counts an import, in order to coordinate the policy policy that the country develops water and electricity in order, already became at present the task of extremely urgent of manufacturing industry of equipment of domestic water and electricity.

Concerned expert of major equipment office is opposite Chinese mechanical Joint Industry Conference domestic company is mixed in aircrew of large water and electricity harbour of large pump water can the own innovation ability of aircrew respect offerred sufficient affirmation. The expert thinks, next we should base oneself upon innovates independently, increase scientific research investment, scientific research go ahead of the rest holds to in respect of aircrew of large water and electricity, develop the sophisticated technology of aircrew of 1 billion made of baked clay water and electricity hard, in harbour of large pump water can aircrew respect sets an example certainly as soon as possible rely on a project, develop the team design ability of the enterprise, promote the development of equipment of our country water and electricity the standard further.

Our country uses unit of 700 thousand kilowatt in 3 gorge project later, the project of large hydroelectric station such as the white crane beach that additionally stand-alone capacity is 1 million kilowatt and Wudongde also is being prepared in. Because the development precedent that does not have aircrew of 1 billion made of baked clay water and electricity is returned on international, this should belong to the sophisticated technology that exceeds world level. The equipment standard of factory of Harbin electric machinery and Inc. of Oriental electric machinery is the world is banner, and production, carriage capability is strong also at foreign enterprise. Had the base of 3 gorge project, had scientific research level and productivity, company of equipment of domestic large water and electricity can rely on him completely.

In harbour of large pump water can aircrew respect, as a result of pump water harbour can aircrew has head tall, capacity big, rotate speed efficiency is tall, tall, start wait for a characteristic often, requirement aircrew has very tall stability and reliability, this increased the difficulty of research and development of this kinds of aircrew. Up to by 2007, the harbour of 14 pump water that our country already joined movement can the aircrew of the power station has 90% above is offer money by the foreign trader. Pump water harbour can the power station loads the function that move a peak, will tell commonly, in electrified wire netting due the capacity moving a peak of 10% . Did not come 10 years, our country will increase installed capacity newly 500 million kilowatt, pump water harbour can the installed capacity of the power station is about to increase left and right sides of 50 million kilowatt. Pump water harbour can power station the development space henceforth is vast, this to harbour of our country pump water can for the development of aircrew, since good luck, it is a challenge.
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