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China will exceed 10 billion yuan of RMBs to the demand of transducer
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The industrial company Denver with the biggest Denmark this bought limited company of science and technology of electron of Zhejiang sea benefit with 25 million dollar, establish a limited company of science and technology of electron of general of Zhejiang sea benefit. Denver this this action is caused in domestic transducer domain shake, domestic transducer domain causes attention again. Nearly two years, transducer market was obtained super- the growth rate of common, estimation exceeds 40% , market dimensions broke through 5 billion yuan of RMBs. Although this kind of overspeed grows to continue to maintain hard, but consider the market is remote not saturated, especially in the tremendous potential of high-pressured transducer market, this market is in 5 ~ hold future inside 10 years more than 10% , namely the rate that GDP of summary prep above increases still has very large possibility. Such analogize, in 3 ~ after 5 years, china will exceed 10 billion yuan of RMBs to the demand of transducer.

Transducer applies in home at present more is energy-saving. 80 time later period reachs the century on at the beginning of 90 time, international brand begins afflux chinese mainland, basically be the brand that Japan still has our country Taiwan, this laid the market application foundation of Chinese transducer. The 4 ministries and commissions such as former mechanical ministry recommended the country 1996 homebred 29 manufacturer the transducer of 33 norms, but because domestic manufacturer gets technical capital and key yuan of parts of an apparatus restrict and the reason such as system has no great progress all the time, did not form the situation with foreign brand make a stand against from beginning to end. Enter 21 centuries, fission of transducer industry height, numerous abroad brand builds a plant in China, the personnel of original homebred brand and capital depart ceaselessly, establish many production company, main concentration is in wait like Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shandong, Shanghai littoral.

Introduce China from the transducer at the beginning of 1990, popularize and use what pass 10 one's remaining years, low-pressure transducer has gotten vast enterprise user approbate, the brand also develops from single foreign brand 70 many. Japanese company enters China early, had done thorough and careful investigation and research to Chinese market, specific aim ground rolls out the product that fits our country national condition, at present the market is had rate is top, amount to Euramerican company of 60% above; to come in late, but product class tall, size is large, the price is high also, own share the share that 30% or so; still does not have 10% by product of our country Taiwan the brand market of mainland of right our country has occupational; rate is very low, and product class is low.

There are a kind of such views inside transducer industry, who has the advantage of respect of high-pressured transducer technology, who will accuse a domain to occupy position in transducer industry of future and even labour.
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