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Our country engineering is mechanical 2008 market peak period or will defer
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Be based on not hopeful first quarter macroscopical economy anticipated pair 2008, mechanical industry will not appear like the busy season of calendar year -- , but it is to defer and rather than to disappear merely.

   The money is tightened up reach cost to rise bring pressure

2008, the government will be carried out from tight finance policy and monetary policy, still can adopt include to adjust bank interest rate, adjust the measure such as tax rate of imports and exports to restrain economy to had grown fast, national economy is added fast will put delay. The industry growth pattern of simple dimensions dilate will be faced with project machine relatively grim challenge, and the growth with precede the enterprise will be shown better is stretch.

From the point of cost, be in at least prospective 3~6 month, cost of project machinery industry rises pressure will be relatively remarkable: (1) iron ore rises in price the rolled steel cost that drive rises price of the coal report linkage with likely;(2) and material of iron and steel of blame of differential electrovalency;(3) may keep stable, but chemical material price or raise half cost of;(4) and component price quickly to drive next promotion in cost. These produce the occurrence of peak period of mechanical to the project industry negative effect.

   Homebred 20~25 ton grab is valued

With self-prossessed grab of 13 tons of the following small-sized hydraulic pressure are compared, 20~25 ton grab suits market demand more. The sales volume that 2~5 month pressed type 2007 and occupy than following graphs: 20~25 ton the product comes to was occupied in May 2007 by sales volume make an appointment with than already was being achieved 54.2% , relatively raised; of about 6 percent to answer relatively to it in Feburary 2007, the corresponding period 15 tons of the following products criterion by 40.9% drop to 32.8% . Small fluid digs 20~25 of applied cost prep above ton grab is his short-term the main reason that popularizes application hard in home market. From the point of the near future, 20~25 ton the product occupies the climate that improves than will presenting stability.

Grab presses the data sources of product portion contrast of tonnage: Association of industry of Chinese project machinery, net of Chinese machine classics, combine negotiable securities institute.

Grab still holds staple market share by foreign brand. The sales volume of entire 2007 industry achieves 61 thousand or so, market total dimensions is versed in for willow of 28.5 billion yuan of; and 31 serious chance occupy 20~25 ton the total share of grab is made an appointment with 8.0% .

Huge demand attracts business of mainstay of domestic project machine to march 20~25 ton grab market, predicting Liu Gong reachs 31 serious chance grab sales volume will achieve 3400 respectively 2008, 2800, market share promotes respectively to 4.4% , 3.7% the left and right sides. The enterprise such as 31 heavy industry, Liu Gong already had certain brand effect, own relatively perfect sale network at the same time, grab product promotion will not need overmuch cost to throw. Reach 31 serious chance besides Liu Gong outside, in the company such as couplet, the land of country will enter 20~25 this year ton grab market.
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