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Quality of domestic valve product is low high-pressured valve still needs an imp
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On our country's current valve market, outside reaching the level that the international market can accept except low-pressure valve, high-pressured valve still needs to rely on an entrance. Below the situation that values continuously in macroscopical economy, the major company production of valve industry and sale index maintained rapidder growth, but suffer price war effect, industry sales revenue and profit relatively the corresponding period dropped considerably last year. As world economy get warm again after a cold spell, the imports and exports of product of our country valve also grows somewhat, but because be on high-end technology,with foreign manufacturer photograph comparing still exists bigger difference, henceforth inside a paragraph of period, product technology will become a bottleneck that restricts development of product of our country valve.

Valve is oil, chemical industry, power station, long lose the national economy such as all sorts of industry of cop, shipbuilding, nucleus, microtherm projects, space navigation and marine oil extraction the fluid with departmental indispensable door controls device. Through old development, the valve industry measure of our country resides a whole world the first, all sorts of size valve businesses make an appointment with more than 6000, among them annual produce exceeds 5 million yuan have 900.

From the point of product situation, industry of our country valve can have produced ten kinds of big products at present, break a powerful person a powerful person of a powerful person that be like brake, shut-off valve, ball valve, butterfly a powerful person, relief valve, check valve, throttle, faucet, pressure-relief valve, diaphragm valve, drain valve, closely to wait agog, highest use temperature achieves 570 ℃ , lowest is - 196 ℃ , highest pressure is 600MPa, the biggest diameter achieves 5350 millimeter. Additional, according to relevant section statistic, our country is annual valve market clinchs a deal the forehead is as high as 50 billion yuan or so, among them many yuan 100 market by foreign valve business occupational.

Current, industry of our country valve still still is existing a few problems, if business of our country valve is main,give priority to with company of pattern of mill of low administrative levels, miniature, family. On the product, because repeat investment, transfer of technology is insufficient, the dominant product of business of our country valve remains the masses product of inferior quality. All sorts of valve that at present our country enterprise produces are general the leakage outside existing, inside quality of leakage, exterior is not high, life weak point, operation is ineffective electric unit moves work and valve compatibly device is fluky wait for defect, partial product is equivalent to going up only century the international level at the beginning of 80 time, the valve of the need on high pressure of a few high temperature and crucial point device still relies on an entrance. Additional, industry of our country valve is in the industrial catenary of industry of industrial structure, valve, and of the industry specialization bigger difference all exists with foreign enterprise on degree.
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