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The 4 big fields such as electric power will draw the huge demand that uses mark
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National development and Zhang Guobao of reform council vice director say, 4 big fields will draw the huge demand that uses market of large casting forging.

Zhang Guobao is opposite to 24 days in 23 days the first heavy machinery of Chinese introduces in the concerned survey of the enterprise such as group company, in the near future, the development of the industry such as our country electric power, petrifaction, metallurgy, shipping will be right since development of estate of large casting forging tremendous pull a movement to use.

In electric power domain, according to our country nucleus long-term development plans in report, to 2020 installed capacity will obtain nuclear report 40 million kilowatt. If a 1 billion tile press water to pile the main composition of part of island of nucleus of group of nuclear electric machinery calculate by 300 million yuan, to large casting forging product requirement will amount to 8 billion yuan or so. In the near future machine of outfit of report of fire of our country electric power is pressed annual computation of 50 million kilowatt, aircrew of every large coal fired needs large forging 200 tons of computation, predict annual igneous report forging year all demand is controlled 20 thousand tons. Develop a program by water and electricity, like annual and average new clothes 30 500 thousand kilowatt reachs above aircrew of large water and electricity, need of aircrew of every large water and electricity is large forging reachs 240 tons 200 tons.

Equipment domain is installed in petrifaction, process capability of crude oil of predicting our country amounts to 400 million tons to 2010, amounted to 500 million tons or so 2020, will be built and transform 20 many ten million ton degree is large refinery. Add the addition of the demand of large hydrogenation reactor, predict heavy-duty container controls the large wall that requires forge solder structure every year 30 times. Coal chemical industry holds equipment respect, as the god China the coal liquefaction project that the our country of the group produces per year oil the first times to taste 5 million tons, other area coal makes oily base construction also will be started. Heavy-duty container market will have structure of predicting forge solder annual 40 demand.

In metallurgy device sphere, predict " 915 " during, build cold heat every year to want even rolling mill place forged steel bearing roller, medium thick board the semifinished product forging such as the large roller on water press of 10 thousand tons of roller of bearing of rolling mill forged steel, class is close to 100 thousand tons.

In ship equipment domain, predict 2010, home will need every year large and marine crankshaft 300 above, average and annual the demand of semifinished product forging that produces on water press of 10 thousand tons of class exceeds 20 thousand tons.

Occupy the introduction additionally, look from international, near future of large casting forging also demands exceeds supply apparently, the manufacturing schedule of a lot of leader plants got the influence of large casting forging is mixed restrict.
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