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Wu of irrigation works water should try to commercialize an enterprise to change
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Wadi is hematic arteries and veins of the city, suzhou is urban and rural wadi is bearing the weight of solid historical culture inside information, also hold together is worn the lifeblood that irrigation works of urban and rural zoology environment; is agriculture, construction of rural irrigation works is the infrastructure condition with contemporary agriculture essential development. Yesterday, xu Jianming of vice secretary of municipal Party committee is looking carefully at elder brother hill, too the storehouse points out after the wadi punish of and other places and spot of government length effect, should perfect further, increase water system program, with brand-new concept, the system mechanism of career of Wu of water of innovation irrigation works.

Last year, on wadi punish and lasting effect management, suzhou whole town built 290 various administrations, the member that invite Bao Jie 8329 people, much channel, mutiple level raise money, threw funds of many yuan of 8000 government. Go winter today spring since, cubic meter of earth of irrigation works of the whole town country that finish 18.78 million, occupy the 75%% of the plan, dredge is various wadi 1494, 1138 kilometers. Xu Jianming points out, whole town should be perfected further on water system program, rise, career of Wu of irrigation works water and road construction are same, it is Suzhou the important infrastructure of urban and rural unifinication builds content, water system plans to want to join with the 915 programs photograph of Suzhou economy society, career of Wu of irrigation works water wants society of measurable lead economy to develop; to be on exploration of the mechanism of Wu of irrigation works water, system, want with brand-new concept, introduce market mechanism, the attempt is commercialized, the enterprise is changed run punish of river course of mode; country to want to be in zoology environment improvement, new rural area Trinitarian synchronism is executed to advance on construction and lasting effect management.

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