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Prospect of market of Indian crawler grab is analysed
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Arsen&Toubro(L&T) company is in 20 centuries 70 time, make over an agreement through the patent that signs with Poclain company, take the lead in producing crawler excavator in India. Subsequently, telco company in 20 centuries 80 time metaphase and day stand sign patent access to make over an agreement, also begin to produce crawler excavator. Till 1990, crawler grab market of India still lies average and annual 200 ~ 400 level.

Economic reform of India was carried out with what open policy 1991, make irrigate in building, agriculture the expenses that waits for a project to go up increases, brought the growth to demand of hydraulic pressure grab thereby. 1994, the sales volume of hydraulic pressure grab broke through 1000 first, 1500 exceeded 1997, exceeded 2000 2002.

On sales volume, market of hydraulic pressure grab is India market of machine of the 2nd big project, be next to mining fork-lift truck, mining fork-lift truck grows in going 5 years rapid, this market rose 20% 2002, the sales volume 2003 achieved 2530, the situation that this kind of high speed rises was able to continue 2004, sales volume grew 39% , grew 28% again 2005, 2006 is to reach desk of record-breaking 5 9 0 0 more, grew 31% than 2005. The posture that British project machine seeks advice from limited company to think this kind grows strong still will continue to maintain in the future.

This kind of growth greatly profit from government is in infrastructure (highway, railroad, irrigate etc) the attention that builds an aspect, make economic growth rate is in the history the fastest level, mine industry growth is rapid, build engineering go into operation in great quantities. Grab market of India compares Chinese market or want small much, but growth rate is very breathtaking, this industry also attracted a lot of new manufacturer.


Those who point out needing to emphasize here is, a lot of technologies that use on grab had been carried forward in India. From the L&T 90 of the 1st generation grab, the grab that those of the 8th acting grab that stands to day and divine steel, card spy straps, used the technology of a lot of different levels. Monitoring of the engine that newest technology includes electric spurt, electron and the control system from movable mould type, higher flow and pressure produced rapidder rate and bigger outbreak force, brought taller productivity and better fuel economy.

At first, what the major excavator that India produces uses is technology of foreign partner antiquated. In those days, what Indian market wants is the cheapest facilities, do not care about those prices tall, productivity mixes tall, technology higher more reliable equipment. However now, the trend produced a change, the technology with user newest favour, because they want to finish many project job inside fixed time limit for a project and cost limits, a lot of moment still added award and castigatory clause.

The PC200-6 of small pine and PC300-7 had been popularized in India (small pine did not introduce) of the 8th acting grab in Indian market, tata-Hitachi is producing the 5th acting excavator in India, and Woerwo's grab satisfies Tier 2 discharge a standard. In India, card spy those is strapped and divine steel is exclusive the company of 2 grab that offer contented Tier3 to discharge a standard, because discharge control,code has not been on blame highway machine carry out. The machine technology level of Tier 3 wants more advanced, deployed card spy those to strap patent ACERT and technology of tail gas recycle.
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