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Water reservoir environmental business opportunities in the media appliance pl
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Into December, there are several industries, "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" proposal surfaced. Broker recommended investors focused their attention on "second Five-Year" plan for the industry to bring new business opportunities, "stylistic rules and layout." This issue, "Economic Information Daily" reporters will focus on home appliances, water utilities, telecommunications equipment, railway, environmental protection, media and paper industries in the "five-second" period of investment opportunities, to help investors tap the plate business opportunities. Water benefit safeguard people's livelihood Guotai Junan Securities key recommendation of Water Resources, said the "second five" great importance to energy saving and protecting people's livelihood, water, electricity and water fit with this theme, water base project is one of the top ten projects of renewable energy, water, or will be the central economic work conference focus. The broker's report, the "Eleventh Five-Year" much historical debts of hydropower construction, "second five" large-scale hydropower projects will be the focus. First, the hydropower base project is the "five-second" period of renewable energy industry one of the top ten projects. Secondly, the Energy Bureau leaders have expressed strong development of hydropower. Nengyuan Secretary Zhang said, according to the latest plan, to achieve the 2020 emission reduction targets, will be China's installed hydropower capacity reached 380 million kilowatts. Liu Qi, Deputy Secretary for Energy said that the current energy "second five" preliminary planning, in considering the wind power, nuclear, solar and other fully developed on the basis of conventional hydropower capacity by 2020 should reach over 350 million kilowatts of electricity 12000 billion kilowatt-hours or more. Hydropower development cycle is long considered the factors, "five-second" new construction during periods of more than 100 million kilowatts of hydropower. In addition, this year approved more than large hydropower. There are currently seven large-scale hydropower is approved, the investment amounting to 104 billion yuan. October, the National Development and Reform Commission has approved the Water Resources and Hydropower projects 5. Central Economic Work Conference or water as a focus of attention. On the one hand, this year's drought, frequent floods, seriously affect the livelihood of the people, "Twelfth Five-Year" plan great importance to safeguarding people's livelihood. On the other hand, Document No. 1 for seven consecutive years of concern about the development of agriculture, of which rural water and other infrastructure important strategy for the country. Provinces from the perspective of information has been published, Guizhou region "second Five-Year" during the build five water security system, water is expected to total investment of 22.255 billion yuan province; Shaanxi will invest 10.4 billion for the construction of flood control projects along major rivers. "Water is our most promising 'second five' plan to benefit one of the plates. Hydropower construction meet the 'five second' theme of energy conservation, in line with 'second five' theme of protecting and improving people's livelihood." Guotai Junan said. The broker recommended to investors, "Gezhouba (600,068, stock it), Anhui Water Resources (600,502, stock it), the Guangdong water."

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