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2011 construction of two divisions: Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering
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(1) seize the exam book is the examination of the fundamental Construction of two National Qualification Exam Book, "Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering Management and Practice," the content is based on a theme, it contains answers to the scope and standards of propositions, candidates must be examinations of the book, views and asked to answer the exam All the problems would be difficult to get a good score. Candidates who pass the exam generally agreed that: "good at summing up" and "system hold" passed the exam, the two "magic." The so-called "good at summing up" is carefully read it again in the examinations under the premise of the book, while reading, while for the summary notes, to test the main points of each chapter with the book are listed, so that thinning of thick books, and understanding of its essence; the so-called "system hold" is not only fully grasp the system, "Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering Management and Practice" in this course, but also to grasp the system of public examinations and related courses is the close link between. For existing "Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering Management and Practice" turned up the experience of the candidates, should be good at discovering new and old versions of the content using different test points and have knowledge of test points, in general, the new exam content is certainly one of the key Continuous test the same test sites in the multiple choice and multiple choice probability is smaller. However, candidates taking the examination for the first time, but also to fully grasp the main. Examinations in reading the book, complete control of examinations as soon as possible involved in the knowledge point of the book, sit for examinations should first analyze the book's catalog, first figure out what test to use the knowledge the book contains, and knowledge in these areas Personally, what is more familiar with what was previously know something about, which is relatively unfamiliar, which is simply do not know. Can have a look more familiar; before an understanding can be less to spend some time; relatively unfamiliar to carefully study; do not know, plus a look at some carefully read the book to supplement the professional. Read the examination books takes time and effort, the candidate should make early arrangements. Many candidates like to be loose in learning after the tight, began to not care, always looking to own a variety of reasons can not spare the time, to the surprise exam review, and made very nervous. The time of year there are some candidates Linkao regret complaining, and then have a week time to review just fine; finished later Daihatsu sigh: Title is not difficult, is what the book is no time to review, if you have time definitely able to cross the border. After its examination or examinations regret, as when reviewing "master, round trip." (2) profound grasp of the syllabus, to seize the review focus Comprehensive study on the examination books at the same time, candidates should pay attention to grasp the key points for review. Each course has its own tests of knowledge of some of these knowledge points in the annual will appear on the paper, but forms a difference in terminology can be described as original aim. Point for the important knowledge, candidates must grasp, to learn by analogy, so maintaining the status quo. (3) expand the examination books, combined with practical projects, familiar with the construction specifications related content Questions from previous years can be seen in the case of some questions from the exam questions can not be directly used in the book to find the answer. Candidates are assessed on the use of such questions focused on the knowledge used in practical engineering ability to test the surface out of the book, but its principles, methods, and are within the examination books (especially the mandatory provisions of the relevant Provisions) Candidates should pay attention to learning in practical work, the accumulation of the following: a typical project (dam, gate, concrete dams, etc.) of the main construction program; construction site layout; construction progress (network) project preparation and adjustment . (4) simulation exercises Fully familiar with the exams in the book, based on appropriate to do some review questions and simulation questions are an essential part of success in the examination. In particular the examination papers of previous years, although the possibility of repeating the proposition is not great, but familiar with the kinds of questions is very important. Through simulation exercises, candidates can gradually summed up some of the focus and content of the examination rules, find the weak links in their own learning, thereby improving targeted review. Examination books are usually provided only to outline the scope of examination to be straightforward and to expand the note explains. How to book the test with "test point" (determined by the syllabus) and the examination papers in the "answer" to link it? This requires candidates to understand the examinations in the book, we must do some review questions, simulation questions, and can learn by analogy. Therefore, in order to improve efficiency and consolidate the review of review results, the best to each and every candidate with a book and exam review questions matching set.

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