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Water Project: Water Project specific provisions protecting
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First, the prohibitions and restrictions Prohibitions, including "Water Law" thirty-seventh Article: "Prohibition of rivers, lakes, reservoirs, canals, drains discarding or piling objects obstruct flood and planting trees and tall impede flood crops. Prohibit the construction of prejudice within the river flood management of buildings, structures, and in effect the stability of river, river embankment safety hazards, and other activities impeding river flood. " According to the "Flood" the provisions of Article one, according to a range of river management and without levee embankment two cases are different. Restrictions, including "Water Law" Thirty-eighth Article: "within the scope of the construction of river bridges, wharves and other railing, crossing, Linhe buildings, structures, laying of pipelines across the river, cable, shall meet the national The flood control standards and other provisions related to technical requirements, construction program should be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Flood Control Law, to the relevant water conservancy administrative department for examination and approval. The preceding paragraph due to construction projects and facilities, need for expansion, renovation, demolition or damage to the existing water works facilities, the construction unit shall bear the expansion, renovation costs and loss of compensation. However, the existing engineering facilities are against the law works The exception. " The so-called restrictive provisions, the main consideration in the context of river management are engaged in the production of channel stability and flood control may adversely affect safety, but in order to co-produce and flood control needs, the need to set Given the necessary legal system and strict management measures, production activities will impact on flood control to minimize or to control the range. Therefore, "Water Law" did not include the above activities, but through administrative Licensing restrictions. "Water Law" forty states: "The State Water Project protection. The state water project shall be designated in accordance with the provisions of the State Council, project management and protection. Within the scope of protection in the water project, prohibited from engaging in harmful effects of water project operation and safety of the water works blasting, drilling, quarrying, earth borrowing and other activities. " Second, the scope of management of water projects and the scope of protection Management of water project scope and the scope of protection is different, the scope of management is to ensure the normal operation of engineering facilities management division of the range of needs, such as land and other dike berm, water management unit, made according to law Land use rights, so the scope of management is often seen as an integral part of water project facilities. The scope of protection is to prevent the perimeter of the engineering facilities engineering facilities adversely affect the safety of other activities to meet project safety Delineation of the needs of a certain range. Unit of land use within the land use rights has not changed, but its production and construction activities subject to certain restrictions, which must meet the project safety requirements. For the specific scope of locks, dikes and reservoirs have a corresponding description, reference materials 314 - 316 pages of the combination of problem sets for sure.

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