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Hydroelectric engineering geology and geological disaster prevention torrents U
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China is a mountainous country, the hill area of about two-thirds of the country's land area. With the development of society, the impact of human activities, frequent occurrence of flash floods disasters. According to the National Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters of the statistics, in recent years, small rivers and flash floods geological disasters with death tolls, the number of people missing and caused property losses due to flood disasters account for 70% of the total. Medium and small rivers and flash floods Geological disasters as flood control system vulnerabilities. "Landslide," "collapse", "debris flow", "small river", "dangerous reservoirs" ... ... these words full of hot spots from the national macro decision-making to the relevant industry Field of action, the public debate has become a hot topic. October 12, 2010, the National Development and Reform Commission Du Ying, deputy director, Vice Minister of Land and Resources Wang Min, Vice Minister of Water Resources Jiao Yong, deputy director of the State Forestry Administration held a press conference introduced Indian red control medium and small rivers and mountains Geological disasters such as flood control work has been carried out and the organization of work, said the next step: the objective existence of geological disasters in mountain torrents, but must be preventable and curable, and make investment in water, geological disaster prevention investments, eco- Comprehensive management of the environment in a more important investment location. Completed within five years of disaster prevention and mitigation training works. Engineering geology and geological disaster prevention is the basis for the construction of water conservancy and hydropower project work, directly related to the safe operation of the project construction period and construction cost. With the construction of water conservancy and hydropower project and not the rapid development of Reference off of things, industrial development of wireless communications and other new achievements in related fields, water resources survey and geological disaster prevention measures and level of flash floods has made great progress. Communication is the fourth letter of Things backbone of wireless communications companies, a few years things have been close to the pulse of industry, in-depth study of industrial wireless communications products in water hydrology, flood control applications in the field Gradually formed a product as the basis for the industry to provide system solutions for customers operating characteristics of specialized, comprehensive help customers achieve "wisdom, standards, safe and reliable" wireless communication objectives. To vigorously promote the development of a variety of investigation techniques and the integrated application of geological disaster prevention work to strengthen and promote new methods and other related things, new technologies, new products and experience in geological disaster prevention application, four Communications and water conservancy construction information center of China, jointly organized "hydroelectric engineering geology and geological disaster prevention torrents Seminar." The two-day conference will be November 13 -14 opened in Xiamen. By then, around the hydroelectric engineering investigation, design unit, in the person in charge of flood prevention work, geological disasters, emergency response, investigation, evaluation Assessment, monitoring, management and disaster prevention and mitigation and other related enterprises, research institutes, the person in charge, experts, scholars, engineers and technical staff will attend.

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