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Size of stand-alone of short for Zhejiang Province is the largest power station
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16 days at 0 o'clock, project of national emphasis construction, Zhejiang saves the unit of groovy water and electricity with stand-alone the at present biggest capacity -- aircrew of a 200 thousand kilowatt finished beach hole hydroelectric station smoothly 72 hours to try moving assessment to throw commercial operation, for me the province greets the sources of energy of green of peak estivate dedication.

Beach hole hydroelectric station is government of provincial Party committee, province is affirmatory " 5 big one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight " in the project " one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight sides are helped up become rich construction " project, the company of waterpower of the North sea that by the province place of energy group limited company belongs to is in charge of developing construction. Tall Cheng of altitude of top of dam of power station large dams 171 meters, most large dams is 162 meters tall, for Huadongdi one expensive dam. Normal harbour water level is reservoir 160 meters, total storage capacity will achieve 4.15 billion stere. This power station is given priority to with generating electricity, etc of prevent or control flood of give attention to two or morethings uses benefit integratedly, it is one has the large hydroelectric station that moves energy-saving force for years. The power station designs installed capacity to be aircrew of 3 200 thousand kilowatt, year electricenergy production restricts 1.023 billion kilowatt hour.

After beach hole hydroelectric station builds entirely, compare with photograph of igneous power plant, annual coal of can managing mark 340 thousand tons, reduce environmental pollution, improve the moving condition of system of Zhejiang electrified wire netting. Save as me at present the biggest project that help deficient up, the construction of the power station drove library area many 50 thousand immigrant takes off deficient downhill, the development that can accelerate resource of report of the urine in beautiful water district is used, to whole short for Zhejiang Province the economic society progress of southwest has important sense.

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