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The hydroelectric station with the greatest whole world 3 gorge power station ge
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Up to 15 days 18 when, the hydroelectric station with the greatest whole world accumulative total of 3 gorge power station generates electricity more than 250 billion kilowatt hour, reach 250.4 billion kilowatt hour, be in the Yangtse River advocate the 3 gorge power station of flood season maintains full load to generate electricity condition, generate electricity exert oneself to be 15.5 million kilowatt about.

3 gorge power station first aircrew on July 10, 2003 put into production, share go into operation of unit of 24 700 thousand kilowatt at present, add electrify source power station aircrew of 2 50 thousand kilowatt, the installed capacity of total put into production achieves 16.9 million kilowatt. Make progress according to construction, 3 gorge power station still will have 2 unit go into operation this year, be located in 23 15 aircrew of 3 gorge right bank, aircrew namely, debugging a process in nervous installation at present in. 15 aircrew predict the put into production end August, 23 aircrew estimate by November and the net generates electricity.

Close Duan Xun period, discharge of 3 gorge put in storage grows the Yangtse River continuously, 15 days 8 when more than 30000 stere / second, but still maintain before dam of 3 gorge large dams be restricted in flood water level, prevent total demand control to be controlled in 145 meters by the country from beginning to end, outside generating electricity to flow except 24 aircrew full load, a large number of floods pass deep aperture of flood discharge of 3 gorge large dams to swim downward flood discharge, imposing manner Weiwei is grand.

It is reported, as 3 gorge project enters end, the ability of flood season flood discharge this year improves the key position apparently, generosity of the largest release can amount to 97400 stere / second, this was head and shoulders above those who predict this year most diluvial discharge 55000 stere / second, at present the largest flow of flood of 3 gorge put in storage is the 38000 stere August 12 / second. 3 gorge head office of Chinese be ready in take action, below the premise that makes sure prevent or control flood attempers above all, strive safety of 3 gorge power station is sent completely, in order to alleviate the tight situation of power supply of current whole nation.

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