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Be linked together of the biggest bulb sheds the whole nation aircrew of type wa
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On July 27 zero hour 40 minutes, the whole nation that by Chinese water and electricity 7 bureaus install the 2nd bulb of the biggest, Asia as string of 1000 cash first aircrew passes hydroelectric station of consolidate of bridge of Guangxi of aircrew drifting type smoothly 72 hours to try run successful go into operation to generate electricity. This mark our country is in the design that exceeds large bulb be linked together to shed unit of type water turbogenerator, make, installation domain reached world top-ranking level, greet a peak for southern electrified wire netting estivate and protect Olympic Games power supply to increase new power.

Hoisting of head of bulb of machine of 1# of power station of bridge Gong Shui reached the designated position on April 12.

Chinese water and electricity 7 bureaus win the bid assume all the installation task of 8 aircrew, and in Feburary 2006 the portion enters the arena. They are overcome can not draw lessons from successful experience, method of narrow, hoisting gets construction place be restricted to waited for difficulty and combination of river sea university to launch research and development of science and technology, be tackled key problem for science and technology by project approving of company of group of Chinese water and electricity project. Bridge consolidate hydroelectric station first unit is successful put into production, elevated water and electricity the construction technology level that 7 bureaus spread type aircrew domain in be linked together of high capacity, large-scale bulb further, establish the lead position that installs a domain in aircrew of type of shedding of be linked together.

Hydroelectric station of Guangxi bridge consolidate is region of red water river the power station of the 9th class that development of 10 class stair plans, it is Guangxi municipality major project is reached carry out " on the west report east send " the major project that power source builds. Capacity of aircraft of power station general assembly 456 thousand kilowatt, the design installs 8 stand-alone capacity the bulb be linked together of 57 thousand kilowatt circulates set of type water turbogenerator, year all electricenergy production is 2.4 billion kilowatt hour.

Aircrew of 1# of power station of bridge Gong Shui.

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