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2 beaches safety runs the biggest hydroelectric station of the century on China
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As the arrival August 18, 20 centuries of Chinese build the biggest hydroelectric station of put into production, also be current at the same time Sichuan is provincial put into production generates electricity river of the oldest hydroelectric station elegant rice huller 2 beaches hydroelectric station, already walked along those who passed 10 years to run course in safety.

Since serving as reforming and opening, China uses the hydroelectric station project with world bank most loan, 2 beaches hydroelectric station is apart from kapok downtown 46 kilometers, it is development of 2 beaches water and electricity first power station that finite liability company develops on trunk stream of river of elegant rice huller. Capacity of aircraft of power station general assembly 3.3 million kilowatt, stand-alone capacity 550 thousand kilowatt, old and average electricenergy production 17 billion kilowatt hour. The expert says, whole power station is mixed by workshop of the arch dam of concrete double music that is as high as 240 meters, large underground composition of flood discharge establishment. The power station always invests twenty-seven billion six hundred and ninety-five million yuan, reservoir storage capacity 5.8 billion stere, adjust storage capacity 3.4 billion stere, have season adjustment capacity.

Statistical data shows, put into production of 2 beaches hydroelectric station generates electricity 10 years to come accumulative total generates electricity 123.9 billion kilowatt hour, have a power station from 2000 average and annual carry electric power to amount to 13.6 billion kilowatt hour to Sichuan and Chongqing electrified wire netting, occupy Sichuan electrified wire netting and Chongqing electrified wire netting respectively year of n 19.8% with 15.1% . If by changeless 1990 price every kilowatt hour is calculated 0.079 yuan,put into production comes 10 years, 2 beaches hydroelectric station generates electricity accumulative total total production value already was close to 9.8 billion yuan, pay interest tax amounts to 4.35 billion yuan.

Reporter of Sichuan news network learns, sichuan electrified wire netting is given priority to with water and electricity, all moves installed capacity of electrified wire netting 2/3 it is water and electricity, factory of the water and electricity inside the net is runoff type power station more, withered smooth period be in tighter situation all the time with report, and Chongqing electrified wire netting is given priority to with igneous report, tone peak is more difficult. 2 beaches hydroelectric station regards the biggest electric power n in plain change electrified wire netting as the supplier, the important adjustment that what producing expensive dam old warehouse all the time action. Since put into production, 2 beaches power plant is subject to strictly attemper arrangement, the free of moving period of time of 80% above regards plain change electrified wire netting as the first frequency modulation and tone peak power plant, hold the position of tone peak, frequency modulation and accident to reserve, make the frequency percent of pass of plain change electrified wire netting is achieved 99.99% , voltage percent of pass rose 3% . Concerned expert points out, 2 beaches hydroelectric station is in make sure plain change economy grows normally, the safe economy that assures electrified wire netting moves and raised respect of quality of electric energy of electrified wire netting to have irreplaceable effect, be in especially danger of electrified wire netting always is to loading the main job that keeps a net to defend report more. 2008 electrified wire netting of south of the beginning of the year suffers the He Wenchuan below circumstance of great snow calamity after earth shake, factory of 2 beaches water and electricity developed power plant of the brunt inside the net to protect a net duely to defend electric action, the safety that assured electrified wire netting is stable, at present n of 2 beaches power plant already occupied the 25% above of Sichuan electrified wire netting.
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