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Jiangsu will use velar biology to react the system is administered without stann
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The system of velar biology reaction that Jiangsu province will use company of German Xi Menzi to offer without stannic city handles town sewage and help too the lake restores water quality.

As the important fountainhead of 30 million population, too the serious worry that the lake is reached industrial waste water for a time by municipal sewage. Door subsidiary will is on the west without stannum one of 3 big sewage treatment plant project of extend of new city sewage treatment plant provides system of velar biology reaction. This system will treat foul water of 30 thousand stere everyday, in order to help the cause that without stannic implementation town foul water centered processing rate to achieve 90% above 2010. This system predicts this year the bottom tries move.

This system is compositive the velar processing skill that Ximen Zixian takes and conventional sewage disposal technology, can solve through cent organic matter and filter solid matter reduces the nitrogen in giving water and phosphor greatly, will make new city sewage treatment plant gives water water quality to exceed " pollutant discharge standard of town sewage treatment plant " primary standard, treated water is discharged by harmless ground to wadi water of second birth of medium or contented area is answered with wait for utility.

As cleanness too one of act of the lake, jiangsu province issued China's rigiddest sewage disposal standard. In the meantime, jiangsu province also is opposite annulus too the sewage treatment plant of lake city undertakes upgrading transforming.

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