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Heibei section water irrigates technology a year " the province goes out " form
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The Heibei that lacks one of water province as our country key is saved, capture vegetable to cultivate this closely " draft large family " , be explored energetically and extend system of technology of vegetable section water, item the year before last year can save water natural resources 480 million stere, was equivalent to a province one year unloading the water of 4 white foreign form sediment.

The reporter saves agricultural hall to understand from Heibei, in recent years, heibei province will be contemporary irrigate technology and farming art technology organic union, with water fertilizer unifinication is applied for core, set an example through many experiment, the sieve singled out the drip irrigation below the furrow irrigation below the film that popularizes in different type area aptly, film, film to issue small fill vegetable system of section water technology. It is applied with water fat unifinication for core, it is a foundation in order to popularize section water breed, facilities of water of section of form a complete set of base oneself upon, compositive technology mode, put an end to flood flooding, the water of medicine of implementation section fertilizer, section, section, target that raises qualitative, synergism, alleviate water natural resources is in short supply and contradictory, stimulative agriculture can develop continuously. As we have learned, at present technology of 3 sections water is saving different vegetable to produce area key to popularize 4 million mus completely, year managing and deep-seated groundwater 480 million stere, was equivalent to a province one year unloading the water of 4 white foreign form sediment.

It is reported, vegetable common says " water dish " , can say be horticultural crop " draft large family " . Heibei province is vegetable production big province, year sow an area many mus 1800, crop 68 million tons of above. The flood flooding that will save greens colza establish to basically use a convention completely for years or border method of irrigation, furrow irrigation irrigate means, water consumption big, utilization rate is low, created a large number of waste of water natural resources not only, still increased the odds of happening of plant diseases and insect pests greatly too because of humidity, the progress that produces without social effects of pollution to vegetable creates very big obstacle. Accordingly, since last year, heibei province begins the crucial period in vegetable section water, through attending a meeting the spot, do a farmer field school, use a variety of forms such as plain paper, broadcasting television, network and mobile phone short message actively, increase propagandist strength, provide section water for the farmer instructor and news service. In the meantime, pass fan out from point to area, had caught demonstrative area construction, let colza of personnel of ability of basic level farming, greens more intuitionisticly establish door understands and master vegetable section water to irrigate technology.
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