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Installation of aircrew of water and electricity crosses international in banner
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Group of Chinese water and electricity makes industry science and technology precede with all one's strength model enterprise, aircrew installs new technology application to cross international to get go ahead of the rest to list, water and electricity of ceaseless refresh world holds machine record, build and be in about a hundred when build large and medium-sized hydroelectric station total installed capacity has exceeded one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two tile, for breakthrough of Chinese power installed capacity -79669248 tile and installed capacity of water and electricity jump house world the first made outstanding contribution.

In recent years, as the change of structure of industry of our country power, installed capacity of hydroelectric station of clean, reproducible is increased ceaselessly. Machine of outfit of countrywide water and electricity amounted to 94.9 million kilowatt 2003, 24.2% what take total installed capacity, with hydroelectric station of Gong Baixia of Yellow River upper reaches first unit go into operation generated electricity in September 2004 for the mark, our country water and electricity installs machine gross to already broke through 100 million kilowatt, by 2007, installed capacity of our country water and electricity amounts to 148 million kilowatt, the 163 thousand kilowatt with more primary than founding a state installed capacity of water and electricity increased 900 multiple, already surmounted the United States to jump house world the first.

From 20 centuries since 50 time, group of Chinese water and electricity assumed home early or late of 70% large and medium-sized the construction job of hydroelectric station and project of key water control project, technology of construction of water and electricity achieves international banner level, created multinomial China and even world in each domains such as Electromechanical equipment installation most, formed the 600 thousand kilowatt that waits for project of water and electricity to be a delegate with channel of beach of skin of 3 gorge, Long Tan, creek, Laxiwa, compose, chute - 700 thousand kilowatt is giant installation of hydraulic turbine generation set, with the pump water harbour such as city of tung cypress, Tai'an, benefit, Xi Longchi, Hei Meifeng can the class of 300 thousand kilowatt that the power station is a delegate is reversible type harbour can aircrew installation, the 300 thousand kilowatt that is a delegate with strip of land between hills of cloth of Gong Baixia, water, Jing Hong, Peng Shui, 3 board brooks - installation of group of water turbogenerator of convention of 400 thousand kilowatt, with the bridge consolidate, long continent, aircrew of type of shedding of be linked together installs bright spirit, Wu Jinxia small head bulb that is a delegate, strap in order to seductively dressed or made up, installation of hydraulic turbine of type of concussion of much nozzle of the high peak of flow such as pit of Ren Zonghai, big hair, gold, high capacity, wait for the small head that is a delegate with mouth of Sha Wan, rough market, dragon large shaft is on the move the installation pattern of the equipment of unit of Chinese water and electricity that hydraulic turbine group installs paddle type, infiltrate the water and electricity of 30 many countries builds installation market successfully already. In recent years, machine of outfit of group company water and electricity entered unprecedented good rapid development phase, water and electricity was installed 2006 machine 97 7.297 million kilowatt, water and electricity was installed 2007 machine 81 seven million eight hundred and twenty-eight thousand eight hundred kilowatt, acquired plane of outfit of water and electricity again first half of the year this year the good achievement of 30 four million and sixty-eight thousand six hundred kilowatt. Firm establish case " Chinese water and electricity builds the first brand " good figure, mix to the change of powerful nation of water and electricity from big country of water and electricity for our country the sources of energy of green of water and electricity is developed made outstanding contribution.
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