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The choose and buy of water pump and use maintain
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  The choose and buy of water pump:

In last few years, as the adjustment of agricultural construction, the farmer makes full use of low hill gentle slope and desolate sands resource, large area develops efficient agriculture, but these plot often hard do as one pleases irrigates. Need to buy water pump to carry water to irrigate. So, how is the choose and buy appropriate agricultural a difficult problem that water pump became farmer friend to need to solve? The following gist can consult for farmer friend.

One, want water pump of choose and buy of adjust measures to local conditions. Commonly used agricultural water pump has 3 kinds of kinds, namely centrifugal pump, axial-flow pump and mixed flow pump. Centrifugal pump lift is taller, but amount giving water is not large, apply to a mountainous area give water with axial-flow pump of; of well irrigation area the amount is larger, dan Yang Cheng is not quite tall, the quantity giving water that applies to smooth place area to use pump of; mixed flow and lift interpose are mixed at centrifugal pump between axial-flow pump, apply to Campagna and upland area to use. The user wants the land according to this locality besides, fountainhead undertakes a choose and buy with the height that carry water.

2, should exceed mark to choose water pump appropriately. After type of affirmatory water pump, want to consider its economic performance, should notice the lift of water pump and discharge and dynamic of its form a complete set choose particularly. Must notice, the lift that makes clear on water pump sign (total lift) with the lift giving water when using (actual lift) it is discriminating, this is through be defeated as a result of current conduit is mixed near pipeline when can have certain obstruction loss. So, actual lift should compare total lift commonly low 10% , 20% , quantity giving water also decreases accordingly. Accordingly, when be being used actually, can note the 90% estimation of 80% ~ of lift and discharge by sign place only, dynamic of water pump form a complete set chooses, can press the power option that makes clear on sign, mix quickly to make water pump is started use safety, the power of dynamical machine also can be more than water pump place to need power slightly, general tower above 10% the left and right sides is advisable if; already had power, when water pump of choose and buy, can press the water pump that the power choose and buy of dynamical machine covers suitably to it.

3, want strict procedures to buy water pump. When water pump of choose and buy even careful check " 3 card " , namely licence of agricultural machinery promotion, production licence and product acceptance label, 3 card are only all ready just can avoid to purchase wash out product and inferior product.

   The use of water pump maintains:

After farmer general water pump is redemptive, how to use ability correctly to produce the biggest effect of water pump? If use unreasonable can shorten the service life of water pump, mastering use method correctly so is to lengthen the water pump life, main factor that reduces pecuniary loss.
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