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Valve choose and buy and the note that conduit devises
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1. The basis uses place, utility, and understanding concerned code, norms, standard, guiding principle, allowable the valve that fits all sorts of requirements can be chosen already after approbating;

2. Affirm temperature of the working requirement of valve, applicable medium, actuating pressure, medium;

3. The nominal that matchs with conduit photograph certainly opens way: DN(mm) ;

4. Join with conduit photograph certainly means: Flange type, inside (outside) whorl type, solder type, right clip type, type blocking band, chuck type;

5. Decide the mode of operation of valve: The hand is moved, worm wheel is moved, pneumatic, dynamoelectric, fluid is moved, electromagnetism is moved, electro-hydraulic move etc;

6. Affirm the type of valve: A powerful person of a powerful person of brake a powerful person, shut-off valve, throttle, force plunger, ball valve, butterfly a powerful person, diaphragm valve, faucet, check valve, relief valve, drain valve and a powerful person of other special type;

7. Determine the use shape of valve: Switch, adjust model, safety etc;

8. Certain valve housing and inside material: Steel of grey iron, ball iron, carbon, alloy steel, stainless steel, copper alloy, aluminium alloy, plastic wait;

9. Determine the sealed performance demand of valve, sealed grade or sealed leakage rate;

10. Of certain valve defend the coating requirement, requirement that pack, carriage requirement;

11. The valve of special need still should decide: Dimension of height of structural length, valve, exterior, flow resistance, discharge character of ability, discharge, defend the parameter such as function of grade, explosion proof;

12. Decide the installation position of valve and pose.

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